Wednesday 4 February 2009

Father Proceeds to "Murder" his Daughter in 3 days

The high profile case of a father whose daughter, Eluana Englaro, who was in a car accident when she was 20, in 1992, who is in a vegetative state is back and causing a huge uproar with euthanasia activists trying desperately to help this girl.

Her father has argued and tried to remove her from a catholic clinic to where the family is from so that feeding tubes can be removed, which will lead to her death. It is the only way he seems to be able to continue with his plan, which he claims is her wish. Even if she did state this, the law still states you cannot leave those kinds of wishes with next of kin, it is murder to remove feeding tubes which keep her alive.

Protesters, tried blocking an ambulance from leaving the hospital which is basically not very smart and actually dangerous to all involved to prove a point.

The father was granted permission to go ahead with euthanasia (murdering his daughter) in the summer which set off a political outburst in Italy where the majority of residents are of the catholic faith.

The father was successful in moving his daughter last night to this private clinic. She was moved overnight to La Quiete, a private clinic, where this very sad tragedy, murder, is to unfold.

Welfare Minister Maurizio Sacconi said the government is looking into this case to see if there is anyway they can prevent it. A ruling (decree), was issued last month clearly stating what the hospitals responsibility are in providing essential care for patients that are in vegetative states. The Vatican is screaming Euthanasia = Murder.

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