Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Russian President Mr Putin, the National Park, and the Endangered Persian Leopard he sought!

Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher might have reputations in the west for being tough... but none have quite the reputation of photogentic muscular outdoorsman, Mr Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. If an endangered Persian Leopard needed a cuddle, who is Mr Putin, to deny it the privilege of such interspecies affection. If there are Olympic games on in Sochi, who is Mr Putin not to visit the Sochi National Park, and promote the welfare of these endangered cutie pies... The Russian President visited the park, and made sure that the Russian Presidency posted on Twitter photographic evidence of his encounter. Needless to say, Putin and the Persian Leopard are not just an internet sensation, hopefully the tough guy of Russia, has raised some awareness of the real star of the pictures... the Persian leopard.

Above, our Editor linked to a Russia Today image of the Russian President and his temporary pet pal, below: the Russian Presidency shared a photograph of the Predator and the President.

This Article was written By Mr Marc Aupiais for SACNS, a variation of it also was published for and Adapted for Aupiais Wire by Marc Aupiais for SACNS.

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