Sunday 1 February 2009

Zimbabwe, SADC Region: Why would Morgan Tsvangirai compromize?

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The deal forced on Morgan Tsvangirai, by SADC, accused of a possible "Passive Genocide", by Johannesburg Catholic Archbishop: Buti, has nothing much which is good, or different. It needs negotiation, which will head to nothing for the MDC (Movement For Democratic Change), or at least: nothing much whatsoever that they have not been offered before.

Tsvangirai, withdrew from elections, which he would have won, having legally, already been elected president of Zimbabwe, according to South African experts quoted by E Television. This choice seems similar, to save his people: he has sacrificed his party's needs, and left his fellows in Mugabe political prisons, and Mugabe in power.

The MDC, had rejected the new deal, but after hearing his words, they allowed it: on condition on further negotiations, negotiations, which will likely give nothing to the MDC, as long as South Africa continues to harbor Mugabe's wishes. The ZANU PF, has relied on South African support for eight years, and it is likely the South African aid, which will go through to Zimbabwe, after the "Unity" government is formed, which is a large motivator, as Tsvangirai, sees his people die from mismanagement, a hospital system disappeared, no fresh water: and epidemic poverty, and cholera, as Mugabe does not seem to care.

Tsvangirai, has chosen a "noble" path, as many whose people are taken hostage: do, but this "noble" path, could be what is delaying their freedom: SADC (Southern African Development Community), can only hide the corpse they have left on their doorstep for so long. In either case: it is almost certainly his anxiety for the people he is said to serve: that has caused him to compromise and form this government.

There should certainly be a human rights commission to investigate South African actions over Zimbabwe. Botswana, who has considered Mugabe illegitimate, has given money to the people on the ground, or will give such: via Catholic Charity: Caritas Internationalis.

Tsvangirai's words: "SADC has decided", seem odd: he has not accepted their decisions before: it hints that he possibly was forced to accept such agreement: that he did not have a choice. SADC, has periodically been accused of being partisan towards Mugabe, and against the MDC, in negotiations. Mugabe shielded ANC (African National Congress) fighters during Apartheid in South Africa, and South African companies mine and trade in Zimbabwean resources: as South Africa's state power company sells electricity to Zimbabwe.

The Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference: fears a government in South Africa, Zimbabwe's southern alleged ally: which will not be accountable to the people, after next election: as it is: those in positions of power in the ANC: did not have these positions immediately after last election, and gained such positions, partly due to the impeaching of the previous president of South Africa; using the comments of a judge, not Judging Mbeki, words, which have since been ruled inappropriate, and without weight: by a judge: during an appeal. The Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference: has consistently criticized South Africa's communist affiliated, ANC controlled government.

COPE, an ANC breakaway: meanwhile: has not released their full manifesto, something, which seems odd. The ANC's supporters were implicated in recent voter intimidation at by-elections.

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