Wednesday 3 December 2008

UN, World: EU in attempt at arrogant ideological supremacy: forcing gay marriages on world: if they can

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Catholic Culture 02/12/08; CNA -02/12/2008; LifeSiteNews 02/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In documents alleged to also call for euthanasia, and allowance of the genocide of Abortion in all countries, previously Catholic France: has used the EU, with all 27 states collaborating: to attempt to front their aim: "decriminalize" homosexuality globally: in a move seen by the Vatican as in danger of causing anti-religious movement. The EU plans to front this in the UN on December 10th.

The EU has of late in many ways openly rejected religion: Spain not only created a child as a portable blood bank, but outlawed crucifixes from universities and schools. Groups from foreigners, to immigrants, to religious minorities, have felt harsh persecution, from systems designed to create conformity to a societal push: far from European ideals. Recently, a "nun" who supported birth control died and was hailed as a "mother Theressa", by Secular EuroNews.

The right to altering truth: has been pushed: when an inch is given to those promoting dangerous, and societally damaging: disease encouraging sexual activity, or the killing of infants: they not only take their own countries, and media, but attempt to force their values on all other groups. The EU recently was involved with aggression in Georgia, where NATO, and EU friendly Georgia, along with Russia, were both accused of war crimes. The right to conscientiously object is being challenged: the right to belief also is.

The EU, seems: like a group of nations securing the mountaintop: watching as chaos reigns, attempting to govern the rest of the world: via media, force, and diplomacy. Previously such things were fronted as allowing "choice": yet, when given slight "choice", they grab more: so as to take away the choice of others. Such efforts seem largely aimed at Catholic and Islamic states: a clear target for a secularism, whereby all but atheists, and anti-religious are to be kept out of the public realm.

The situation in Georgia shows, as does the Congo, and Zimbabwe: a world: where politics govern which citizens of humanity are given military assistance: and which are left to starve and be raped. Oddly, a situation as in Africa: could be solved with such a small EU military campaign, and strategy of sanctions. Persecution in China, could be combated by simply morality laws. While child labor is still no big issue, while ethnic minorities suffer what is labeled a Genocide in parts of Europe: and called gypsies, as though it were some other species: while so much evil happens because of Europe, and Girls from countries such as mine can be kidnapped and taken to places like Holland: to be raped repeatedly for their "owners" to get profit: and sexually explicit broadcasting: proven in a recent secular study to promote teenage pregnancy: is broadcast: Europe seems drunk with her power and freedom. Even Ireland has become part of this.

"Free Love" relates to Free Diseases: as long as actions proven to spread disease, are encouraged: not just homosexuality: proven to be linked often with multiple partners, and unsafe practice: but also generally: promiscuity: sexual disease will continue to kill. God did not smite the world with aids: sexually explicit cultural change did that all of itself.

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