Thursday 11 December 2008

How to know God's Plan

What if God told you what your whole life was going to be like … from beginning to end? Do you want to know? You would be privey to the best schools to attend, the right job and the perfect person to marry? Do you think our life would be easier or not necessarily? I think knowing in advance might scare me to death !!

All the inconceivable good stuff we would know in advance, sounds exciting, everything God has planned out along, with all this good stuff we would also know about the tough stuff, yikes, this doesn’t seem very exciting anymore, right?

Either way we are going to question God again with the good and the bad decisions he is making for us. Since he does incredible things and we know he is going to get us through the big struggles … maybe we might play it safe the rest of our lives with avoiding certain experiences and undue attachments?

I think God wants more for us while we are here. He doesn’t want us to play it safe. He wants more for YOU than what you want for yourself. We don’t have a clue what’s in store for us … that I know for sure. It all can change in a heartbeat. I believe he knows what’s best for us but we have to believe and trust him, live our lives and take chances. Trusting him in good times and bad, rich and poor, healthy and when you are sick he is not ever going to change regardless if our circumstances change … remember this.

I think God knows us better than we know ourselves what’s right. He knows our weaknesses and strengths, our fears and our hopes. He holds the master plan of our lives close to his heart and we don’t even get a peak at this plan till he is ready to share it but he is going to share it, no doubt.

What is his perspective? From “our” own perspective we do things for God. We get very involved in our own performance and strive to excel for him.

When we see what God wants from “his” perspective … we have to be more concerned about our “being”. God wants us to do stuff for him but he also wants and is interested in the kind of person we become than the specific things we do. When our “being” is right, our “actions” will be right and they go hand in hand together because then we will be doing more things to make him happy.

How do we commit and make him truly happy … TRUST him, he has our interests all the time, why do we forget this? Our future, which could be tomorrow or ten years from now it all begins with TRUST in God. All relationships need trust and God deserves the most trust, don’t ever lose your trust with him. In relationships that come and go sometimes trust might get questioned and can easily wander and it doesn’t come back easily, if ever. Trust is huge with God and it can never wander away from him through good and bad times with us, he knows what’s right.

Once you have dedicated this TRUST in God you are going to be guided every step of the way. God loves YOU for who YOU are not what YOU do. He does get joy when you do what he wants you to do, smiling from above, look up.

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