Wednesday 24 December 2008

Madrid, Spain: Persecution of Science and Catholicism continues: Judge fined, and banned from public office

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. News 24 (Secular) 24/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Fernando Ferrin Calamita, was not allowed to take science, and experience into account, he was not allowed to take the disgusting effect that having no father figure, and being an oddity to friends: would have on a child: instead: the socialist, and radically anti-religious Spanish government: banned him from Public employment for 2 years, and fined him thousands of Euros: because he did his job, and refused a lesbian couple the "right" to adopt a child they desired to adopt.

Somehow, the issue had made it to his court: and Catholics, unlike others are not permitted to ignore the mountains of Psychological evidence which shows the incapacity of a lesbian couple to give a child a normal upbringing. Socialist Spain recently removed crucifixes from schools, refused a Christmas display in a government building (refusing pleas from the lawyers who made it: that Christmas is not just religious, but cultural), Spain's socialists have increasingly attacked Roman Catholicism in any public area, and have forced through highly questionable laws. Spain has entered controversy by new laws: including gay "marriage", and "rights", and other such regulations deemed by Catholicism to be false rights, condemned as false by at least 60 nations in the UN of late, and by the Vatican; like adoption laws which are deemed to harm children. While the Vatican apposes imprisoning, or killing those who practice homosexual acts, attraction to those of one's gender is not condemned: only endorsement of such, and homosexuality: as far is it is practiced and endorsed: which are condemned, but not purely as dangerous activities as health is concerned, and as such not advisable: but further: condemned in the Bible: as fornication: and an activity for which salvation is lost.

Note: Our definition of false rights: is based on definitions of when a law is applicable, and when it is oppression: in the Catechism of the Catholic church.

While protection of homosexuals from unjust discrimination is not considered a false law: gay marriage is considered by the church to promote dangerous activities: and therefor is classed as against the common good: and condemned as abuse of power by the Catholic church.

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