Monday 29 December 2008

Israel gathers tanks at the border of Palestine: offensive nears: could this be the end of Hamas? A look at the situation: as politically motivated!

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Article by Marc Aupiais

In an attack involving hundreds of tons of aerial bombs, and lasting more than what seems one day; as though the closing word for the year: dropped on Hamas fortifications across Gaza: Israel has struck back: hitting military targets, and a police station, and Arabic university: in response to rocket strikes against Israeli civilians: launched by the same sort of organization: which holds Lebanon at gunpoint: Hamas. The Arabic group has vowed to send suicide bombers into Israel now: and launched many more rockets in response: killing at least one Israeli civilian.

Israel, according to EuroNews: has amassed an army of tanks outside of Palestine's: border. The Israeli leader seems to hint that they will definitely invade the area: it is not a question of if they will but when they will, if hintings are to be taken at face value.

Hamas was not part of a comprehensive peace process, and have been the first to attack: breaking a 6 month ceasefire between these two groups. While Israel has allowed aid through the border into Palestine: it is mostly seen as a political move. Israel has large support throughout the west in a move seen largely as aimed at combating terrorist attacks launched on Israel.

Hamas has not withdrawn, launching threats, missiles, and defiance into the air, as the Arab nations have called an emergency meeting to deal with what they will do, and unlike western Nations, such as America: which saw the attack as justified, and blames Hamas for the response they had been blamed for gaining: and only asked that Israel focus on Hamas, and not civilians: the Arab world has condemned the attacks.

This could see a war between Israel and certain other nations, or the end of Hamas in Gaza, or else continuing of the bloodshed already seen. In any case: it could be followed by some real peace: contrasted to the failed process already in action.

The hundreds of casualties taken against Palestine, in recent air-strikes: is very large as compared with one man dying in many retaliations, and perhaps small even compared with those dying in many terrorist attacks recently launched on Israel. The stance of Hamas in the situation: seems unwise, unless their's is some conspiracy to attack Israel from this: when a nation should be scrambling to the negotiating table, and offering up deals: Hamas is only inflating an already bad situation, caused by their own violation of a peace treaty.

Israel, has the media high ground: their attacks were against military targets, and their enemy has attacked civilians purposely, and also has vowed suicide bombing: clear terrorism.

With each statement by the Palestinian authority: outright invasion of Palestine by Israel edges closer.

Israel's attacks come before elections: and are by a government which needs support for re-election. Hamas itself faces opposition within Palestine, and Egypt, an Arab Nation: has closed their border to the nation: forcing tunnels to be dug to Egypt, for many supplies, and making Israel the main route for aid into the nation. Hamas supporters are protesting against Israel, and Egypt, where peace processes are hoped to be etched out.

Cosatu, has now called for a South African boycott of "Apartheid Israel", following their reprisal attacks. Below, we will explain, this is not wise in such a situation, and by a group which repeatedly makes controversial and dangerous statements.

COSATU is somewhat associated with the deposing of South Africa's previous President: Thabo Mbeki.

As the ANC has increasingly dismissed members thought to not be happy with party leadership, and members have repeatedly called for genocide against "Counter-revolutionaries", and as members of the Communist affiliated ANC party: in high positions in the ANC: have made remarks: including one involving a desire to "Annihilate" South Africa's most effective (Voting wise) opposition party: the Democratic Alliance.

The ANC, has also allowed members to call for a genocide if certain desires of the party are not met. The ANC, has for years: voted against what South Africans, including their support bases: have considered moral.

COSATU, the biggest suporter of the new section of the ANC, now in power: have repeatedly been involved in threats: including threatening a judge, and it is they, also, who have made statements: about a desire to "Kill for Zuma" in support of a controversial party leader: as rape (he was found innocent: ANC members in high office have said that they can guarantee the accuser's safety in South Africa: if she withdraws her testimony: another woman looking like her was stoned by ANC supporters, and the party has not collectively condemned violent acts by supporters), corruption, and other charges against the ANC leader have been increasingly caused anxiety about his possible leadership of the country. Many legal efforts against Zuma, have been kept out of court, by efforts, including legal procedure. Other attempts, sometimes seen as caused by COSATU, and seen by many as attempts open meddling in South Africa's justice system, via threats and protests, have aimed at forcing certain things to not be tried in court.

While the Islamic world, has condemned Israeli action, the European Union, has called for peace on both sides, and the "United States", has taken Israel's side. Important figures of COSATU: itself, have previously attacked, or kept silent during attacks by representation from an important part of the union: on the Ten commandments, and is universally controversial in South Africa. Following an attack on the Ten commandments: to justify what was seen as adultery, by Jacob Zuma, who already has many wives: many esteemed members of Cosatu: left. Others have been disheartened, after a man was proven as using union funds for his own purposes, and the whistle-blower, was dealt with, while the person guilty of such got to repay what was owed.

As to international Law, while Israel has reportedly broken it at many an event in past times: attacks aimed purposely at non-combatants by Hamas: probably mean dwindling western support. While the Catholic church generally defends the rights of Palestinians: we have not come into any commentary on this situation.

Those condemning the attacks in South Africa: are Islamic groups, and Cosatu. Most other voices seem neutral: or private on their views of the legitimacy of these reprisals by Israel.

Our own view: is that the issue in Israel and Palestine: should be brought in front of the International Criminal Court, and mediated once and for all: with perpetrators of crimes against humanity: being prosecuted. We firmly believe that as long as the peace process is focussed on negotiation, without a focus on justice: these continued attacks on both sides will proceed, or eventually: Israel, will further enforce their desires to occupy, and control Gaza: to protect their own citizens: which, due to the illogical leadership in Palestine: may result in definite harm to Palestinian people. International efforts, by those apposed to Israeli policy, have also yet to see any real impact on this policy.

The fact that terror attacks, are purposely perpetrated against Israeli civilians, rather than military targets: and from civilian areas: so that Israeli reprisals will hit civilians, seems manipulative. While we do not support either side: at least as far as journalism goes (I do have personal views): we do believe that Hamas is handling this situation: in such a way: as to only further hurt their people. Every response they give: is responded to by Israeli officials who need political support: except Israel can attack precisely, and professionally: and in a way which is pleasing to the west, and western media, while no-one with respect for the Geneva Convention, or Just War principles, can justify the aiming of attacks at known non-combatants. What Palestine needs is peace, not military leadership, which promises terrorist attacks on a more powerful nation, and breaks a peace agreement, which has been securing the lives of their people for six months. Such seems like political maneuvering: and while to the benefit of Israeli politicians, and of those wanting war: this is not in the interests of the Palestinian people.

Hamas, which often keeps their power by military, has caused problems in every nation where they have gained power. Possibly, the best solution to the situation: is for another Palestinian group to take to, or be placed into power: however, we are unsure of when the next Palestinian election will be, or if that would happen, whether an impeachment could occur, or even be possible in such a country, with such social dynamics: and propaganda, or how their state works. Certainly, they are strategically, only harming the dignity of their people: by bad, and foolish decisions: which will gain no long term, nor any short term victories for the group.

Either, these next weeks may show a new situation in the Mid-east, or else: worse of the same. Whatever occurs, the entire circumstance has to alter radically, and will continue to alter as the situation changes.

An Israeli invasion, has just become all the more real a possibility. With such crippling blows to Hamas: a real assault on the small Palestinian territory, could aim at a legacy of long lasting impacts. The lasting effects on the region, and on Palestine of the events following the breaking of a peace agreement by Hamas, and the response by Israel: could be catastrophic.

Both sides: could be well pressed to find other non-violent solutions to this issue. Especially, as it is widely realized: that the Israeli response is seen as a political necessity on the part of Israel's more peace-prone government: after missile strikes from Palestine actually hit civilians populations in Israel. An inadequate defensive network: has lead to a political solution: which involved attacking Palestine. Hamas has for some reason thought it prudent to cause a government which has been the most friendly to their people in a long time: to launch the greatest attack ever launched by Israel: since the Jewish nation was first established, causing an inevitable response from Israel.

On both sides: continuing of conflict, and opposition to a comprehensive peace process, seems largely to be for political give and take. While their people suffer reprisals: political groupings gain prestige, power, and funding from the continued threat of a conflict situation in Palestine.

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