Wednesday 24 December 2008

Pope warns of threat of Gender Theory, as proven recently in Spanish Anti-Catholicism

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. IOL (secular) 24/12/2008; CNN (Secular) 23/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Gay groupings, and Anglican persons, have viciously attacked the Catholic Pontiff Benedict XVI, for statements by the Pope: that Gender theory is incorrect: and that movements promoting this, and dangerous sexual habits: are as much a danger to the planet as climate issues. The fact that the papacy did not even use a term for homosexuals, shows that his aim was not discrimination, but protection of Catholic doctrine.

Anglicanism directly apposes the biblical definition of Marriage: allowing both for divorce, and for homosexuality: condemned as a practice in the bible: for which one would be prevented from entering heaven. Also, Anglicans allow sexually active priests, and women priests: against both Jesus command: and some shall become Eunuchs for the sake of God, and against the standards by which a priest is to be chosen: as listed in the bible. Due to these, the Anglican church is sharply divided, with many members having fled to Orthodoxy or Catholicism over such alterations. Anglicanism, is also the first Protestant church which changed their doctrine to allow for "Artificial contraception".

One of the reasons for Pope Benedict's concerns may lie in the link between activists for homosexuality, and activists for abortion, and for the secularization of the world. A ruling, which banned a judge in Spain from office, because he deemed a lesbian couple unfit parents: is an example of the paranoia which accompanies gender theory, which the Vatican openly condemns.

While some protesters may be irrationally claiming that the statements reaffirming Catholic dogma: by Pope Benedict XVI: will increase violence against homosexuals:

media reports, which sensationalized the papacy's statements as anti-gay assults: within the secular media: are much more likely to cause violence: against gays, as well as Catholics: as they exclude the manner in which, and context of Pope Benedict's statements.

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