Wednesday 31 December 2008

Catholic sources desire peaceful solution

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

1700 Palestinians injured (BBC World News), and about 400 dead. 4 Israeli civilians dead: in rocket attacks aimed at civilians by Hamas (BBC World News).

A Catholic source on Vatican Radio: has expressed alarm at the scale of the Israeli strikes on Palestine: and has called for a peaceful solution, and for both sides to renounce violence. Israel claims it will only stop attacks when it can stop rocket attacks on Israeli civilians: a big difference in a government which has previously been very concentrated on peace: and which risks its political survival. The UN estimates at least 60 women and children have died in Israeli air-strikes on Hamas: meanwhile: Hamas attacks: aimed at Israeli civilians have killed four people.

Despite the onslaught against the Palestinian people: Hamas is continuing to order their fighters, and anyone they can: to launch attacks on "Israel": such attacks are usually and almost always aimed at non-combatants. The Israeli government's political structure: appears to have been forced into this action politically: in order to justify a softer stance on security threats posed by Hamas: which resulted in the deaths of civilians.

While Israel's defense department claims to be sending some aid: mostly medical supplies: into the Gaza Strip: there are claims that this is not reaching its destination: for which an Israeli representative blamed Hamas. A voice in the Catholic world: seems to be asking strongly for a humanitarian through way, into Gaza to be opened: but Israel has yet to allow either this, or international Journalists into the strip. There is seen to be a desperate need for massive supplies into Palestine: but Israel: is only allowing so much traffic in.

Reservists in Israel: have been called into active duty: and it seems the wrath of Israel: is behind the attacks, with an opposition source calling for the attacks to unseat Hamas. While Hamas is a terrorist grouping: the scale, and violent means employed by Israel; in response to ongoing attacks on their civilian population: has been a major area on which Israel has been attacked. The madness of Hamas to continue in defiance: is simply shown by comparing civilian casualties: while many rockets are launched at Israel: few hit and kill: meanwhile: accidental hitting of civilians by Israel: give a bigger casualty rate: than planned attacks on Israeli civilians, by Hamas. Promises of suicide bombers: by Hamas: have yet to dematerialize on israeli soil.

This is a war: that Israel's politicians will find hard to get away from: the Israeli people are the major reason, and source of this attack. The ruling administration in Israel: needs to get good press from their people: to maintain their power. They have lost face: due to the failure of the peace process: and have responded much as American politicians did after 9/11 (11/9 in South African date format).

Any peace process, needs to convince Israel that it is worth-while: simply attacking a government: who has attacked another nation to avoid political death: can only further incense the people behind this assault. Either the threat against Israel's people must be elliminated, and in a long term way: or the risk is: that they will continue to push their authorities; much as colonial America did against the Red Indians: until they are convinced that the snake of terrorism is dead. In other words: justice is needed to be seen as viable: the international community needs to include justice in this peace process.

Unfortunately: such assaults: on both sides: seem to continue to foster the hateful relationship. More than that: propaganda by Hamas: and missile strikes against Israel continue this issue. Israel can at any moment launch ground troops: to take the territory. Their army is likely at least on level with South Africa's duing apartheid. This is a nation: which has fought about half a dozen nations at once: and which has strong allies in America: currently.

Hamas certainly does not have the interests of the Palestinian people at heart: not with their response: but in dealing with terrorism against her Borders, Israel: cannot simply resort to force: if blockades, or relative violence: can sort out this issue: Israel needs to aim at this. Their clear agenda at present: seems to be to get rid of Hamas: but after this: what atmosphere will their attack create, will a new Hamas rise, or go underground? Israel needs to be careful in their next steps, as with the international community in dealing with this. Condemning politicians: who are hearing their people: or forcing peace processes on Israel: could well only result in radical politics gaining more power in defense of Israel's sovereignty; and cause the embarresment of voices of peace in israel: as already is the current case.

Asking for peace, and humanitarian corridors is fine, lamenting civilian deaths: and asking Israel to be careful is fine: but we must be careful in how to approach this issue. The politicians who spur this on, are not those in charge in Israel: they instead are spurred on for political survival: by a people who feel unsafe.

Whatever happens: to gain a long term solution: those ready to listen to the International Community: cannot be made to lose face; and Israel must have an outlook: which sees a world prepared to protect their own human rights: but this outlook will not come so long as the world underestimates the horror Israelis experience at terror: and as long as Israeli people feel misunderstood: they will continue to spur on politicians: to make war with those who attack their own families, and their people: purposely aiming at civilians.

Recognizing that this war is possibly: highly disproportionate: no amount of outcry will stop Israel: so far as they believe that they are being shut out by those who do not have their best interests in heart: and who would willingly also protect their own nations from terrorism.

A long term solution: must acknowledge Israel's plight: because: it is her people, not her politicians: pressing for the blood of those she sees as responsible for the death of many of her civilians.

Also: as long as Hamas is allowed to hold her terrorist methods, and to spread propaganda: as it does: there can be no lasting peace: in that such words lead to attacks, which spawn counter-attacks. Both sides are being engineered: by Hamas' desire to strike Israel: they are being manufactured to support ongoing war.

The situation is too complex for simple solutions: only justice: and the elimination of terrorism, and human rights abuses and abusers in the region will be lasting. While the international community aims at negotiations: perhaps it should speak to both sides: about answering for any and all crimes as regards the international law.

The only real solution lies in an international tribune: something which would likely see much of Hamas, and some of Israel's people arrested, and taken to the Hague. As it is, the world desires: as they have for years: peace, but not justice: and that places any peace process at the mercy of political maneuvering and necessity.

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