Saturday 20 December 2008


Sometimes we come across someone in our lives and after some time they become a friend, your paths cross and a friendship is been born. I meet a lot of people in my life everywhere I go, through work, friends, school, events and volunteer work. I'm lucky or they seem to gravitate towards me and conversations always start. It is easy to meet people and make friends in my life but it is a little more difficult to be a friend.

Being a true friend involves some serious input and effort. Instead of waiting for them to make you feel good you make it your goal to add value to their lives. That’s why you can’t be friends with every acquaintance you meet you can only truly be really good friends to few. It’s possible like me to meet lots of casual acquaintenances, but being a true friend takes time and trust on both sides.

Being a friend is a choice. We live in a fast paced life. I get impatient very quickly with anything that takes time even frustrated just when it takes a few seconds for the computer to warm-up, everything takes time, my patience wears thin, its go, go, go in a fast paced world …

Having a meaningful relationship with someone cannot be rushed, it is built. You meet acquaintances on the spot but a friendship develops over time.

Friendships are nurtured beyond common interests as you appreciate each other’s differences which are known from spending time together, like imagining a friend's face eatting fudge, who would have guessed you could close your eyes and imagine a friend doing just that. When the friendship matures it proves to be a source of strength and encouragement to both sides.

Everyone wants meaningful friendships and relationships that are based on trust and loyalty. You can have this type of friendship but it takes time your time, thank you for giving me your time. I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without you and your time that you put into our friendship, thats all I know and I'm grateful for every second of it.

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