Friday 19 December 2008

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province, South Africa: Tridentine (Latin) mass to be practiced officially in PE

(Tridentine South (And Southern) Africa; c.f. Una Voce South Africa (in no way affiliated with us) 18/DEC/2008;Catholic Diocese of Port Elizabeth Picture and location; Parish of Corpus Christi Webpage __/__/__)

Article by Marc Aupiais

There will be a Tridentine Rite Mass, performed officially in Port Elizabeth, in January: It is being done by "Monsignor John Clark", of St.Vincent's Parish. However, it will be performed at Corpus Christi Parish, in Humewood.

We have in fact confirmed with the Parish in Question: Corpus Christi Parish, La Roche Drive, Humewood : that there will be a mass, according to the tridentine rite of the mass: at 09:00AM on Thursday January 1st 2009. It will be performed by a priest visiting from another Parish in Port Elizabeth. Future dates at Corpus Christi Parish Humewood: have yet to be finally decided, but Mgr. Clarke will continue to do this Mass in his own parish of St. Vincent's, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth.

The Parish email of the parish hosting this occurance's email address is We will attempt keep you informed on these events.

To confirm:, if you desire to come, from where you can invite friends: our facebook group : tridentine South Africa has created an event, to confirm or deny any desire to attend this:

PE Latin Mass: p.s. complictions as to subsequent ones will be explained!

All Information in this dispatch is purely based on information we have received, we do not guarantee accuracy, however: this event appears highly likely and ligitimate.

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