Monday 1 December 2008

Nigeria, North Africa: Pope decries Violence: our analysis!

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. VIS 081201 (280); Zenit News 30/11/2008; BBC World News (Secular) 01/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It is easy to classify violence in Nigeria as inter-religious: really, it is not. The Pope has urged peaceful manners of solving a recent outbreak. The church does not support the burning of mosques, nor enjoy the burning of Church related buildings, and churches.

It is different tribal, and ethnic groups often, and also: violence centers on something enemies hold dear: religion. If it were only Churches being burnt, we may not have heard of such, if it were simply violence over politics, or tribal wars: we may not have heard it. Instead, latching onto religion: individual persons have turned to what the church condemns as meaningless violence. Protecting one's family via violence is not meaningless, fighting aggressors, or rising up against an unjust aggressor, is not meaningless: according to the church: but burning mosques, and churches; turning on bystanders, and fellow citizens. This is foreign to Islam, and foreign to Christianity.

The violence, in earlier years: was blamed on unemployment, and similar socioeconomic issues: like Somalia: where corruption is rife in government, when violence is easy, and goes unpunished: where money is scarce: and religion is abused: and yielded over others: violence breaks.

Where violence defends rights, so be it: but these are not crusaders, they are gangs: is a nation converted to any religion by force? Truly, fear reigns in a country, or region where such seems needed to citizens. One must pity such circumstances: when one turns to senseless violence: one feels one is not safe.

Attacks are likely because one anticipates attacks, attacks are because any yielding of any ground comes with fear of persecution, which often comes: in anticipation of more from others. In recent elections, an outbreak of violence has followed: clearly spawned of this endless fear that grips. Attacks make one feel in control, even vindicated in belief. Saying this does not justify the foolish, incoherent actions of mobs, nor should any claim this is religious: it is immoral.

Such an environment is deadly.More than that, it really seems senseless.

The allegations are of a rigged election, this seems likely in Africa, few nations don't have some allegations: that it turned violent, and the army was called in: shows just how tribal violence has become, and how distrustful, perhaps rightly, perhaps not: people are of their government in the region. It also shows that arrogant gangsters: are allowed to get away with senseless shows of their personal pride, and that they do not value their opposition as human: in a sickening theatre of diabolical violent sectarianism: which does not permit one's ideological foes life. 

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