Friday 19 December 2008

True Freedom, A perspective, or a true reality?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I am walking, then running. The sound, white noise, it makes it to my ears. My legs are tired now, with energy leaving slowly. I run and walk on a beach, yet my freedom is disrupted: the beach smells, and ahead of me, there are blankets, and bits of persons' possessions. The beach, it: smells horrid, the water smells worse, ruin horror: it affects me as ugly: because ugly is our evolutionarry instinct by which we see that which is bad for one. There is decay, following a largely unnoticed tragedy. The beach I am on is private, for this reason it is cleaner. Clothes, and seaweed; are being burnt, all this after minor floods, a long way in the distance. Somehow, my experience had been affected by their tragedy. I would not swim on that trip. The sea was too dirty. The beach, had too many ugly things on it.

Freedom, and death have allot in common: both are utterly governed by rules. Both, when desired: are actually desires for peace and life.

Your mind may not comprehend it at first, but then, the reality hits one. There is no lasting peace 'cept that governed in justice. Evil, according to John Paul II, is governed only by the time it has to rule. Time indeed, where there is decay: turns it into every fatal flaw.

And so, on the death of Rome, Pagan "prophets" were angry, yet what could have justified the Christians: the Emperor, and the men who conquered her: except: if Rome, had not in fact existed for centuries. City of God: or City of Man, indeed: Rome, according to Augustine, had ceased to be years before the Christian kings took hold of her.

Freedom, it is odd, is it not: no nation desires anarchy, so freedom is not libertism. To be free, is it not to be at peace...? Once, I evilly desired to kill myself, each night, the temptation emerged. I had lost my faith in Mother church, perhaps In this, I had had no faith. I was dead indeed, gone beyond all, though still speaking with God in prayer, or with something, and I wanted not death, but: imagines: a darkness of peace. I have always loved the dark, yet for years it was nothing but horrid images. I wanted peace, not death: such is a truth, yet I could not have a fake peace, or fake anything: I needed an absolute peace, the kind which in fact is what we desire, when we say we want freedom. For our freedom, we submit to rational rules of men, for freedom, we create nations and laws, and states, and armies.

America, that complex, even negatively affecting nation, her foundation was "Freedom", yet immediately, she erected a government, and immediately, she began locking up her apponents to her "freedom". Her basis is a constitution, a group of changing laws.

Law, is the basis of freedom, and laws can steal right freedom. In permitting contraception, governments have created conditions which increased crime, and abortion. In allowing divorce: nations which allowed this evil: created a problem of millions of domestic dispute murders.

When laws and "freedoms" are not for the good of all, they cause every person to lose some or much freedom. Law, is what keeps a nation together, just laws, that is. It is very hard to overthrow an administration, without firstly proving in this that it is "unjust", and that one will be more "just".

Now: true freedom, is it not also safe freedom, or is it this vulnerable girl, her face still muddy, rushing for some small hopes in life? You see, we often call the desire for freedom: the birth of it, but there are different levels of freedom. Our desire for freedom, is one of the most definitive human conditions. Is it some small hope in the mind, some hopefull love only in the head of the thinking man?

Freedom, has nothing to do with the ability to do anything: but rather: the ability to do what one truly desires to do. If however, one is believing that one desires one thing, but desires something else: then this false desire hurts our freedom, it oppresses it!

One who is truly free, in fact: is one who does all that they desire to do, and nothing that they do not desire. I am not free, if I follow a desire I do not truly have, or which wrongly misrepresents another desire, or if I act in a wrong manifestation of this. Do you hate a person who is truly free, indeed, to you: such a person is a maniac, he is dangerous to you, for surely: his freedom: it is a danger to you, for he gains it by your losss, surely? Or surely not?

True freedom, is everlasting freedom: such freedom cannot be taken, and is no danger to those around it. True freedom, I may explain later, even as temporary freedom is utterly beautiful, when just!

Now, we must define two freedoms: the freedom of a man physically, and the freedom of the man spiritually.

A man who is free physically, can do what he rationally desires to do, so far as he is not hurting another's just freedom. Freedom is the only basis for any law. Any law, which unjustly, and unneccessarially restricts freedom, is not truly a law, it is unjust. For this purpose, and human dignity, all law shoul be based on truth, and rational, sane thought as a basis to view truth with.

The Other freedom, that to do as one wills, in fact, this is not the core desire, one wants such, out of fear: one wants to secure their life, what Religion calls the soul: that which animates us.

Freedom: is a means by which we secure existence: and in fact, every emotion a human being has: at its core involves the mimickry of the concept of Reality, that in and on which all exists. In fact, any freedom, is at its core a desire to survive, and to survive in right proportion: to mimick reality.

Now, if the purpose of every desire: lies in survival, and the quality of this, in a mimickry of the concept of "reality", our containing mediator.Then: indeed: a desire which is termed evil: is in fact a misrepresenting manifestation of a deeper desire, and not the desire itself. It is evil, because it steals our freedom, and often does that to others. The dignity of a man is so often manifested in his aeviternal freedom, and what is also his freedom from desires not his own, or rather: his right to this. In such, one is free, simply if one is able to continue to live. The purpose of our desire, is to survive, and the free man can do as he desires: thereby: the purpose of freedom is life: within proportion and reason. I indeed, am most free: when I live forever.

And so, if a man uses his freedom, he restricts it. One who choses to run left, is not able to make the choice in that situation: to run another place than left; instead. The man who uses his freedom, with a choice to restrict it: indeed, his belief in freedom: has become that by which he chooses to make himself captive to something. Perhaps his desire to do something is not freedom, but captivity. That "freedom" is something we give up: as in marriage, or in becomming citizens, or part of a religion: in fact, either what one considers as freedom, is not absolute, and not the ultimate aim, or else, what a foolish man considers freedom, is what a wise man considers slavery. In fact, doing what is natural, such as marrying, or remianing celebate in persuit of truth, this is the freedom of the mind: self control, and as much a right as any external one.

I stated, that my "freedom" on the beach: was "impeached" apon by other peoples' tragedy. I was uncomfortible, revolted, and caught in physical desires of throwing up. Now, my desires to throw up are desires given me by my body to stay alive: but these are only manifestations of my desire for life and freedom, therefore I am not more free by throwing up. I am most free in rules, in sane morality. In Limits, which keep me alive, here I am free. None of these desires are of much joy, and yet: happiness is not my ultimate ideal: life is. For securing life, I must desire to see the world as it truly is, this life which seeks truth in its proportion always: this brings hope, and causes life and freedom onto, even past death: should we choose to manifest true truth.

Now, to insure freedom, we limit it: because by freedom alone is freedom curtailed. If I lose a freedom, something gains from this, or believes it gains. Yet, true freedom, is eternal freedom. What is gained for a moment, then lost forever, is not to be a lifelong goal. To be free, is to have the ability to cause one's life to be better, or last longer. This is the true freedom we really desire. We don't want the freedom to die: not deep down. We want peace, we want to have a comprehension, an understanding of things: yet all again lies in one word: life. Every desire, is a desire to enhance, and insure our own existence.

To me, all who are most selfless, these are most selfish. You see, selfiless actions: they profit the self. One gets such joy in aiding persons, but more than such: to be selfless: is to seem eternal, to appear powerful, free. In fact, such a person is able to fulfill their right free desire to aid other, or God, or Freedom itself; an ideal: a servent of God.

We love selfless people as they are free: and freedom is the ability to remain alive somehow, to mimick our mediator: existence. Freedom and life are connected. This is why we call the laws by which people are protected: "freedoms", even "rights".

In this, at once, we say that laws are designed to free men, and these laws, we say are places where we are "free", or where some would say we should be so: we have a "freedom" of sorts from them: a "Right": to do things.

So, also, freedom is gained by changing environments: can not a freedom, be gained: via changing how we manifest our desires? More than that, what is free, and what is right: are intricately connected in language. I man who does that which is not right, is not free, if we are to look at this from both sides: in that a freedom is called a right, and a right a freedom: or at least this is the idea our language endows on us.

Selfishness has bad connotations, yet: only because of how it is oft manifested in a manner which does not aid others. The best thing for a man is to do the moral thing: so it is that a selfless person is selfish in right proportion, and not evil in such.

Now, if my only true desire is for life, and eternal freedom, I am always truly free as long as I can live, and always ensure my free existence, it may not be eternal, yet as long as my life is guaranteed, I am alive: and what is life, but that which brings order, and synchronous, specific action to my being. My life, is in fact mimickry of that container of all things: reality. Any who seek freedom, must admit: it be free forever, we must live life, so as not to fall into captivity to that which takes our eternal; life, and our eternal freedom (By Eternal here, I mean aeviternal).

As long, thereby: as I mimick reality in right proportion, I am always given my desire for life: in fact, then: death is but another part of such: if I died a moral man: then I am free forever, if death is the end of what I am. If however, life continues; still: I am free, for I am moral. In the end, the only limit on our chosen freedom, is how we manifest our desire: so as to be free forever, in Christ, or else slaves forever to manifestations of desire which we may perceive wrongly as desire: such things which will take us, and make us slaves to cirumstance. Therefore, the moral, just, faith, divinely loving, and sane: who see the world from the Catholic truth: these are free forever.

end note:

Indeed, morals are that which keep us free from internal captivity, and ethics help us prevent freedom from being challenged beyond that: and needed for morals. The first step to spiritual peace, is God, yet the second lies in understanding somehow, our true desires, which do not need to manifest in only one way always. Indeed, to truly manifest our desires, we must obey God: for, like obeying nations for our freedom, we obey God's endlessness in rules: to be free, through faith and Christ. The Cross, indeed, like marriage: was a final, limiting choice: yet a choice which was the route of man's freedom from sin. Throuh obedience to the Tradition, magisterium, and ethics of the Divine Eathly Body of God: the Church, we are free.

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