Wednesday 10 December 2008

Believing In God Always, Happy and Sad???

If our lives were perfect there would be no suffering, correct?? God wanted a perfect world with no suffering. Unfortunately, sin entered into our world and lives. God created us individually to freely choose options in our lives good or bad, to believe in him or reject him.

Sin can have a dramatic effect, emotionally, physically and cause us spiritual death. It makes us learn to face reality the hard way sometimes. To understand God is to without a doubt know he will make good on his promises (nobody breaks promises especially God :-)) to bring everyone through the rocky patches in our lives, he wouldn’t let you fall farther than you could possible handle, even if we have let him go several times in our lives.

I have always believed in God’s existence, but I have had to learn to have a deep understanding of belief in God’s words. I was drawn to God at a time when things weren’t going well; we never go looking for God when things are really good. God I presumed wanted my attention because I had to face a truth within which I avoided; we all have a truth within.

I never even thought of surrendering to God when my life was happy, going well and in great shape, I sure did when I hit bottom and was in desperation of understanding the truth and consequences of all my actions and sins. I put him off my whole life till now; I didn’t really need him then ... I was good why bother God?

Suddenly, the day came when I needed to call for him, he answered giving me courage and strength, truth, wisdom, and patience with a very clear understanding of the way things really are in my own personal "bubble" and made me look at the big picture and this big wide world of ours ... scary & yuk sometimes!!

BELIEVING is essential when we hit these rough patches in our lives ... BELIEVING is essential when we are happy and things are going well.

We are all good people but we need to be good with God somehow. We get it by receiving and understanding his lessons, we can debate them all we want, but God isn’t going to debate anything with us, regardless of the amount of crying, kicking and screaming we do … the only thing that counts is what he says.

We often hear people ask if there is this all powerful God why would he allow all this suffering and pain which is horrendous in our world sometimes.

I always believed that my personal pain and hurt were of my own fault somehow and I must have done something very wrong all these years to have carried this deep within me, God must want me to pay somehow for my sins. I do not enjoy pain and heartache, nobody does, but this time my suffering sent me directly running towards God instead of keeping me from him. A huge either you believe or you don’t newsflash of sorts.

Sometimes our pain is trying to tell us something and instead of ignoring it we need to wake-up to it and deal with the truth in it along with God. Look deeply at your pain and happiness with God sometimes and try and understand those struggles inside your own bubble, its extremely hard to decipher, speaking and praying to saints helps :-) , it just might be possible God is alerting you ... just a thought.

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