Thursday 11 December 2008


Do you dream of escaping sometimes from your worries of this world to some favorite place? Is it a beautiful spot you have seen in a magazine or somewhere you desire to visit, maybe some wild exotic place in our world? When you get there what do you do and what do you feel insidet? Do you go there and hope, pray and wish to be taken into a state of peace, serenity and wonder? Does it happen for you at this most wonderful place? I get that feeling sometimes within a cathedral where I live, I believe it’s a taste of heaven inside me already and this will become a feast in eternity.

This desire and state inside me comes from God. Our earth has problems, but it does have great delights that outweigh some of the disasters … our earth is very beautiful and we should be thankful that we have been so fortunate to experience this miracle. But what we have here on earth is just a tiny little piece of what the world will be to come in heaven.

We are in a temporal place for human survival and gratification but heaven will be the perfect home with riches and wonders that will go way beyond our imaginative capabilities.

Most people believe in heaven but only on a wishing level. They truly hope it exists because they want it to erase any of the evils this world carries, they anticipate and pray it will be a better one.

Heaven will offer eternal life not the temperal life we have now. Our faith teaches it’s a real place, where it eliminates death, sorrow, crying and pain. Faith is when we believe what we hope is going to happen, without evidence of things we cannot see.

When your trust is in God, you know and believe there is a true place called heaven, created by God to last forever. Heaven is where Jesus lives now and those who have trusted and believed will live in the future. You will enjoy every blessing imaginable. You will receive that blissful peace inside because God will care for your every need. You will have complete rest because he will remove your burdens. You will have absolute security protected from harm. You will experience the beauty of God’s paradise to explore and enjoy endlessly. We will meet up with all our relatives and friends who have passed ahead of us.

With all the difficulty and turmoil of our world daily the anticipation of heaven in the future can give us this beautiful assurance within if we truly believe. The future home, heaven, we will be ushered into with eternal everlasting peace, rest, security and beauty awaits us all who open their hearts to God. This gives us all hope now in the present.

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