Friday 26 December 2008

Death of Church, Nation and Humanity: the threat of modern totalitarianism: of and in Democracies

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

There are issues where one can only ever have one answer: abortion is always genocide: and it is proven that when nations introduce contraception, then abortion: it destroys the culture, family and economy. In fact, one of my major estimates: is the complete destruction, not only of American power, but of Europe, and all the western world: something which is not far off if no change is made.

According to the Ancients, concord is the foundation of a society: the politician needs concord: but we have a problem: false concord always gives undesirable potentially catastrophic people power: points in Example: men like Barak Obama: and while I dare as yet not call him much: fact remains: in Catholic Morality: Nelson Mandela is 99% likely to not ever reach heaven.

Now, both figures have huge support, neither is the man who the media portrays. You see, we love to ignore the evil in politicians: it helps us assassinate our conscience, or accept the "New" and "Wonderful". Mandela endorsed rugby, so many South Africans endorsed him. Many times, I hear also of hopes this or that "Celebrity" is Christian, and fights when this is dispelled. In Catholic Morality: there is very little which could possible balance the bad effect on the World, by Bono of U2: more than that: there should have been good forces in his place: his presence took up a sport where better men could have stood. The same is true of "Amnesty International", or "Human Rights Watch". When these people have their people arrested: I even exclude such articles from See What We See. Because I see no reason to give them publicity, or spring their people from jail: it would be immoral to help them, because they are not good.

Now, evil is not the opposite of good: but a lack of good where there should be good.

So, when people agree to heroize the Nelson Mandelas of the world: even when they go against what should be international law: even when they do one of the 7 things: which Catholicism declares: always destroys a society, and dooms its population to discord: we in fact neglect to heroize those who can really do all these persons do which is good: without their moral incalculable harm (by the Catholic definition).

You see, South Africans often love to hate Mr Zuma, but he'd have no power 'cept in the failures, and refusal to hear international reason: of Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki has lost countless lives to aids: for insisting that plants could help, and neglecting medicine: and all the more for his support of condoms: the atmosphere around their campaigns: often increases promiscuity: further hurts society: and increases STDs, or at least hasn't solved he problem in any real way.

We hear his (Zuma's) followers and fear civil war, or genocide: when under Mandela even: the ANC proported article 2, section d of it.

Now, back onto Concord: when there is a truth, like gravity: we can agree, and accept it. When there is something universal, as with music: we take joy as one. In acknowledging truth, we all agree: and in acknowledging a lie, we blind ourselves, and compromise our freedom.

We say we need multi-party democracy, which could go any way: but really: we need accountability. Democracy needs voters who are always ready to vote for the most sane option. There are 7 options which always go bad. Look to Spain: they stole christmas: and have attacked all religion, and elected the worst possible government in response to the Madrid bombings. America also: since 9/11 has turned into a monster: like a vampire bitten by Al Quaeda: It is a human rights abuser: more even than it always has been.

Now, in response to evil: America mimicked evil, and in response to that evil: it elected Barak Obama: who is worse than Bush, or any competitor: this a man who voted to allow infanticide in failed abortions.

It elected the Democrats on fears of economy, when in 1992, it was the Democrats who wrecked their economy, by refusing a Republican proposal to regulate more powerfully their financial sector. Yet they elect the democrats to solve it?

Now, for the EU: Europe is attacking its culture, and culture is the basis of ethics: it is basically that concord we speak of: and that concord is only good if based on truth and the common good. Even if culture has bad elements: the good should oft be preserved, yet Europe is even arresting, or fining those who preserve her history: and America, and Britain have long since disposed of a culture which is advantageous. The Republican style Americans sell fear, the Democrats are a source of fear. America has foolishly endorsed a two party system: and focussed : each on their own skin: and for this they are doomed: if not now: later: for they have lost accountability.

Now, if a culture works for the common good of that culture there is concord: therefore: justice: which ensures the common good: is the basis of concord and society: and rational, and ethical thought is the basis of laws: which are not justice, but a manner of enforcing it. True culture aims at a common good: it therefore is a result, and tool of justice: or else simply circumstance: which causes injustice: and discord.

Business relies on concord: the aid given Up North is perhaps the equivalent of the amount lost each year to corruption: probably less: and each time this is lost: it goes into forces like crime, or corruption: or political maneuvering for some or other contrary force apposed to the good of the people. Africa has not recovered, because of corruption: corruption which is fed by the same nations which judge it so harshly. These nations also provide media and entertainment: which teaches Africa to continue in selfish actions. The ideals taught us in western, particularially American media: are in fact disruptions to concord: the basis of any society.

Now we are told to create peace in Africa, by negotiations: yet what hostage negotiator allows the hostage taker to escape prison: there is merit in negotiation: but unless justice is meted out on oppressors: the society is dead: and will not recover until justice is restored.

Now, Europe and America: they attack the unborn child: and therefore the principal of justice itself: for the advantage of one selfish person, another may "freely" be killed at a local health care facility.

Also, contraception reeks of distrust, and so: they create distrust in relationships, and a fluidity which says that one can leave when it gets tough: and regulate how much love they would give. Correct me if wrong: but Black South Africa: sadly: when those in it become wealthy: they become White South Africa: is this not partially because the Apartheid Government purposely attacked the Family: to destroy the culture, and concord: and therefore the power of their "enemy"? Perhaps: it is that the wealthy are educated a white schools: still; it is very seldom that these keep any form of culture, yet seem to fall into western culture.

The reason the 7 non-negotiables are so vital: is that they preserve the foundations of democracy: democracy is not preserved by many parties: but by justice and accountability: especially on these 7 issues.

Now, the west thinks Africa needs business: but the business they export: bribes our officials: and throws us even more out of becoming a society: and the media they sell: destroys our own culture: while replacing what is good in it with selfish interests. Canada is better here, many shows from them and France: are better than American shows: so far as we import them: but still there is such an issue. Perhaps Cicero would cry if he saw our world today.

So, instead of focussing on the foundations of freedom: we focus on freedom itself: and attempt to gain it by force yet while allowing the route cause of our imprisonments to continue.

For those thinking the IRA has lead to a more free Ireland: if they had not resorted to killing civilians and Hostage taking: they would have: but they have resorted to absolute evil: and terrorism always produces something bad: imagine if they had used the right methods: and had done a just uprising instead of an unjust one?

Al Qaeda also is not a good influence: they have launched abuses against Islamic people: by their enemies: in increasing violence, and prejudice: they also have empowered American men: who are evil: and in Spain: caused a hatred of religion which causes such persecution: and a destruction of right culture.

And so: if Europe continues to destroy its culture: it will either fall into a sort of collapse: or lose its economy: or yield to Islam: though likely not those whose historic bloodlines are European.

America also has lost her democracy: because she lost her justice and concord. And all these states are heading slowly into the Abyss of Rome's doom: unless they embrace culture and concord. Religion being one of the main elements in a culture: as proved by the power of early Islam, and early Judaism, and early Christianity to unite.

Now, freedom of speech is good: but one need only look at the Catholic church in South Africa to see the result of allowing the forces of discord freedom: I can go to 7 different priests, and get 7 different definitions of what is moral, yes: there is one Catechism definition, but often this is neglected: I can also realize that discord is gaining slowly in my church. This is because people are not accountable for actions: that is also how the American Abuses occurred: the worst abuser: if he is assured harsh punishment: could become near a saint: and yet, our societies are no longer about justice: and therefore are under dire threat of destruction.

Now, the reason why monarchies worked at all was the introduction of law and justice: these reduced some forms of fighting but caused others. A king, however is not accountable, except to Emperors or other kings, and to death: meaning that they could do as they pleased. This is why royalty were so immoral and evil at times: this is how an ancient King of Luxembourg managed to be recorded, perhaps wrongly: as slaughtering Protestant children.

There is no problem with the Catholic religion: it is perfect, but there is a problem: when her foundation of rock : of truth and justice: which is the true acting of charity in almost all occurrences: is sacrificed: out of care for persons, or attempts to rule softly.

The Magisterium is our base as Catholics: but this basis also must yield to Charity, which must act in Justice.

Day after day, I explain the gospel: it is not my job to convert, but to explain: I am an apologist, and hope never to be an evangelist of my religion.

Fortunately: our deepest concord is in Christ: the justice of all, and in Sacraments: this is our first concord: and yet: to bring those who do not have these into our fold; or maintain them until they do: we also need to start acting with justice: for the Catholic church will never die out: yet the Catholic church in South Africa may.

Truly: while this maintains a distant concord: to once more be brothers: our parents: the bishops, and others: they must restore a fuller justice: one where children are never taught heresy in confirmation classes, masses, and songs sung in mass, and in confession.

Both our nations, and the Holy Church of Old: we must focus on reason and justice: and the solutions to all else will be more achievable!

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