Monday 22 December 2008

Media Study SA: Advancement of Catholic Media in Technology area:Vatican chooses Google to search, and Scripturelink launches new search engines

(MEDIA STUDY SOUTH AFRICA; c.f. Lifesitenews 19/Dec/2008; Scripturelink Search Engine 22/12/2008 (Vatican II Search engine); 22/12/2008 (Vatican/ etc Bible search); 22/12/2008(Catechism Search); __/__/__; Caritas Internationalis (discovered and emailed to us by google) 21/Dec/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

One of the defining features of our founding site, the Scripturelink Search Engine: was our Google search for the Vatican. Fortunately, the Vatican has now joined the search engine race: using a custom Google search engine to search their site. This according to LifeSiteNews.

Our own service, has of its own initiative, also decided to upgrade our search services: extending existing, but relatively unknown services. Vatican II can now be searched from a unique page, in 9 or ten languages, depending how many languages the Vatican has translated documents into: with the advantage of being able to search each document separately.

Further, we now search the Vatican's choice of bible, on their site, in four languages: English, Spanish, Latin, and Italian: with instructions on each: further: this search feature allows users to choose to search in one or all languages. Our Catechism, and Catechism Compendium engine mentioned below, also has this function: to search in the language you choose, out of those available.

We also now can search either the Catechism, or Catechism Compendium of the Catholic church, in all 13 languages in which one or the other are published on the Vatican site, in another new page, extending an existing small engine designed only to search the English version, then updated, and given a page on our site. We have also created Google gadgets for both our news headlines, as appearing on the sides of our sites, and a Google gadget of the Scripturelink Search engine (search for "South African Catholic" and scroll down).

Caritas Internationalis has also updated their website, unless we are picking up old Google alerts.

Basically, it seems, many Catholic sites, are advancing in technology. This is good. We do however need prayers when Google plans to transfer Pages sites into "sites", here, we may need to relaunch our entire scripturelink engine, and 15 other sites we have hosted with them: due to a lack of javascript in existing versions of "sites".

Basically, this is an issue where prayer is applicable. Radio Veritas, whom we have been in talks with, is also possibly one step closer to a license apart from their Satellite Television broadcast, again, prayers are needed: to place them on the radio waves in South Africa.

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