Monday 8 December 2008

AIDS: Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine

End to Aids transmission within years??

There is no cure for AIDS. Making cocktails of drugs available can control the virus and keep patients healthy. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine that prevents this virus so transmitting it is highly possible if you carry the virus through sexual contact which could possibly lead to full blown AIDS.

Dr. Luc Montagnier, a French scientist, believes the transmission of AIDS could be eliminated within years. The eradication of the infection is possible not the AIDS epidemic and he truly hopes he see’s this within his life time. Dr. Montagnier, was one of three scientists who discovered the virus that causes AIDS and will share the 2008 Nobel Prize money for medicine and continue to further his research. Work on this is in its 10th year and hopefully if all goes well could be developed within four to five years?

The three scientists have been giving interviews and speaking with world leaders, politicians to try and implement or influence them with their findings.

A global financial crisis might lead most countries to ignore their commitment and fight but Nobel winners are not planning on letting this deter them any, awareness of this discovery is essential. A vaccine to prevent the infections or control the virus, creation of a therapeutic vaccine and/or implementation of a healthcare system to provide it would be their final goal.

HIV was discovered 25 years ago and still carries a discrimination and stigmatization against individuals that are sick. This is a disease that has killed 25 million since the early 80’s. If a vaccine was created and made available this would become just another disease like any other serious illness.

It’s a medical problem that is world-wide, stronger in some countries than others and it is not acceptable to snub your nose at someone with AIDS as opposed to someone who has the flu, its ignorant and medical help is needed along with more research to help with this battle but lets not forget it’s a disease that no-one has asked for and to treat anyone unfairly because of it is no doubt another form of discrimination.

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