Friday 19 December 2008

Cape Town, South Africa: SADC Region, Africa: SACBC Head: Cardinal Napier adds Southern African Bishops call: Mugabe must go!

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. CNS (non-affiliated) 18/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Zimbabwean "dictator": Robert Mugabe, must be made to go, via political means: this is according the Cardinal Napier, and the Southern African Catholic Biships Conference. They have lambasted South Africa's ruling ANC's 8 years of discussion without any fruit, saying they are saddened by the lack of results, and that Mugabe must be removed: and believe it is time to consider that fuel and electricity supplies from South Africa: to Zimbabwe be cut away, that Mugabe, and Zanu PF accounts, and assets in South Africa be cut off, and that South Africa's state power company stop supplying electricity to Zimbabwe.

Unlike a retired Anglican Bishop, the Catholic Bishops in the Southern African Conference: believe that no violent means are needed. Non-violent means will be enough.

South African Citizens have periodically had their power cut, due to shortages of supply, yet : still: electricity is supplied to a government, which is widely considered illigitimate. Legally, due to delays: the MDC leader, is the true president of Zimbabwe, this has not stopped South African support for further talks, which could lead up to an "election". Legally, the election already had happened, and the president was decided. This according to South African Legal experts, who spoke of the first election, before mass terror on a new scale was again unleashed on MDC's support bases, seemingly supported by the Zanu PF, or at least their followers. Subordination of politcal opposition, is oft institutional.

The ANC's militants, so visible of late, in their support for a Mr Jacob Zuma, who has caused an exodus from the ruling party, and whose supporters have threatened Genocide in the case of an electral loss: were often trained in Zimbabwe. As it is, South Africa's ANC, fulfill the requirements, of a party, which in voting for, one very likely will be excommunicated by Canon law: due to their support of racially selective policies, genocide (Article 2; secion d), via abortion and specific contraceptive campaigns, threats of genocide, and also due to their legalizing "gay marriage", and attempting to make conscientious objecting on moral grounds, against abortion: illegal.

The actual quote asked for "consideration" to be given to cutting of electricity and fuel supplies to Zimbabwe, from South African companies, and the South African Government. South Africa, and others in talks: were also accused of Colluding with Mugabe.

These follow the calls from a retired Anglican (non-catholic sect) bishop: for an invasion of Zimbabwe... which have quickly been contradicted, by an opposition party, and by this massive Organization's statements, asking for peaceful means, which are estimated to work; violence, could cause simply more harm.

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