Saturday 13 December 2008

Cathedral of Christ the King,Central Johannesburg, South Africa: Latin Mass to continue at Cathedral

(Tridentine (South And Southern) Africa; c.f. Una Voce South Africa (Not Affiliated with us)07/12/2008; 10/12/2008)


Article by Marc Aupiais

With a large success, and following, the Tridentine Mass efforts in Johannesburg by the Cathedral of Christ the King will continue as is, with a single Latin Mass on a Sunday, but with few exceptions: the same schedule is followed on other days.

With the exception of Thursday the 16th, and 25th of December, for the remainder of December, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Saturdays, the Latin Mass Schedule will continue as is:

Tuesdays: 17: 30 (5:30 PM)
Thursdays 17:30 (5:30PM)
Saturdays at 07:30 (7:30 AM)

There will be one Sunday Latin Mass at the Archdiocese this December:

Sunday 21st December: 11:30 AM (Tea is said to be served afterwards)

There Will be a Sunday Latin Mass in January:

Sunday 4th January: 11:30 AM

Both will be "Low Masses"

On the 16th  of this Month, the 17:00 mass will not take place, it will instead change to a 10:00 AM on that same day: Tuesday 16th December: due to a public holiday!

The 17:00 mass on Thursday 25th is not to occur on Thursday, but will be on Friday 26th of December at 10:00AM instead.

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