Friday 26 December 2008

Original sin

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Doubt is natural: and my natural state when dealing with doubtful things, but not God.

I find that when I doubt God, or such, I move from him. When I doubt what he has said in the past: then I doubt him, or follow other voices claiming to be him, or misinterpret what I see or feel.

They say Pride is the Original sin, but was there not doubt before pride: and you shall know wrong from right? Surely: they doubted God's power, or that what they had was best: so they then thought that as God could not: they could: but then again: is this not pride: the route of all sin: but surely, pride: is a form of doubt?

Now doubt is good: yesterday I showed that: but doubt is a reaction to something which has alterable nature: which is fallible: but we must never doubt the voice of Reality: of God: and so eventually: pride is always about doubt: and in doubt : fear: is that not the route of all sin: fear: but not fear of God's wrath: which saves us from this other fear.

Now, one of my readers objected to Augustine, they said: it sounds exactly like he abandoned his son. Perhaps he did, but here doubt is good: we know Augustine is a saint: so it is better to doubt that he sinned, even when sinful: than to accept any bad thing we hear about him. Adam and eve doubted an infinite being, and accepted the word of a lesser creature. Surely, snakes were made for men, not men for snakes: yet they heard the word of what looked like an animal: over that of Truth itself.

Now, when accusing a person, except sometimes in immediate danger: should we not have evidence of their offense, for there is evidence of any accusation we make: against us whenever it is not true?

Now Adam and Eve: accepted false testimony that God was not doing what was best for them: from a being lesser than them?

How foolish?

Indeed: God is Reality: the mediator of existence: like a background to the universe. Now I am going to use a word which is very special: but when using it: it must be respected, which is which I will not spell it so you can pronounce such, it must be taught, not just observed. God's name is YHWH: if you insert the vowels. I AM Who I AM: reality.

So, they chose to hear an inferior being over the voice of Reality itself: it is crazy, not inevitable: it is doubt of Fact itself.

Now, yeasterday was Christmas: and we give gifts: beause in Christians we acknowledge Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate, and in non-Christians we acknowledge man: who does not see God's gift in Jesus, so we give them also a gift: but really: in both, we mimic God: who gives us the gift of himself.

Now, the most evil men on the planet: mimic God, but not just on Christmas.

You see, God is Reality: Reality has always been, contains all beings in its belly: it is eternal, infinite, powerful, and all these things. Men who want power, they want to be like God, men who want control: again, men who want every sort of evil: mimic God. Sexual intercourse: is a manifestation of the interactions of the Trinity: except now you say: sometimes sex is evil: in fact, in most circumstances it is, is it not?

Sex is evil when it doesn't manifest God properly, and with all the elements. When God came down, he came down as a just little child, and left all the knowledge of God: except that needed for our spiritual edification behind in heaven. Sex does not manifest the trinity properly, when it does not possibly spawn a child, as the Father and Son spawn the Holy Spirit. When the parents want to prevent a child, except in the natural methods advised by church and bible: Natural Family Planning that is: then they are saying that the Father and Son: that they don't love the Holy Spirit, so as to continually support it, for He too is eternal.

When the action does not manifest selflessness in a sense, and a bond for life, and does not strengthen or maintain a unity, then it indeed is evil. This is why Catholics are not supposed to French (for pleasure seeking) kiss even: before marriage. Seeking sexual pleasure apart from unity and openness to offspring: is not what God intended to give us. His joy is natural, and he is happy for his love: so happy, that even such pleasure which I have never myself had just yet (Not married): does not encapsulate his joy. Now, he wanted us to enjoy manifesting him: let us not exclude the manifestation and just steal the joy from God.

Likewise: all sin is desires out of the natural proportion, or misrepresentations of our desires: in Sexuality: we want love: to mimic the Trinity; and in every action: we have natural desires: when we sin, we are actually thinking that this or that action is our desire: when in fact it is but one possible way to maybe fulfill it: and if it is wrong, it breaks the perfect link of goodness between right desire, which all men have deep down, and right action, which is how we should act. Now, whenever one endorses lust, or unjust hatred, or pride, or jealousy, or acaidia, or sloth: all of which I mean in the theological terms: they again do as Adam and Eve: and acknowledge the inferior over the absolute, and beautifully proportioned. In fact, when endorsing these sins: we are endorsing desires we don't have: and so: we are saying: this is my desire, when it is not: and that is lying, and endorsing the opposite of Reality, of God: illusion.

Now, with Christmas, as with lust, when people say it is too commercial: they do not mean there is too much commerce, but that something else has not risen in right portions with the exchange of value: and so: when something is evil: it is incomplete: as exchanging money is incomplete without gift of self, when on this day we just celebrated.

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