Saturday, June 2, 2012

Long Lived, for a queen!


Long Lived, for a queen! Some suggest that her Royal highness is actually hoping to outlive the infamous Prince Charles, to insure he never becomes king, and that one of his and Dianna's children do!

The Queen is certainly a lady, with the power of will, to carry on despite everything. She has been deeply unpopular over Dianna, and other incidents. She has also gained deep popularity for her manner, and perceived dignity and diplomacy.

The British are certainly not sparing too much expense, despite the dire financial times hitting Europe and the Developed World.
Google originally shared this post:
This year Queen Elizabeth II will become only the second queen in English history to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, or the 60th anniversary of her monarchy. Britain will be celebrating with the queen this weekend with a 4-day holiday, a pageant on the Thames river, a horse derby—and of course, a doodle on the Google homepage in England. 

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