Monday 14 June 2021

Free Will, Heaven and Hell

God is Being, Reality. Yahweh means Being/Reality. It is God's name and nature. 

At the core of choice is to decide whether Being is good or evil, all other choices follow from that. Hell is like living in the moment before suicide forever but being unable to kill yourself because being and God's presence cannot be taken back. 

Saints say God's presence is the fire of hell. If you believe being is good and it is in its fullness and can never be taken from you, and live life accordingly, then heaven is eternal life when you want to live. 

God created us with free will which is why we live forever. Hell is living for eternity wishing you were dead but being unable to die. God chose to predestine all mankind to live forever. He gave us the choice of how we respond to that, with joy and gratitude, or with ingratitude and despair. 

That is the essence of free will, to accept or reject God, to choose hope or despair, faith from in the mystery of the universe, or scepticism in the goodness of our creator, and love from gratitude or hatred from despair and fear. We get to choose our response. God knows what we choose because God is unchanging and has seen all of time, but it is our choice.

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