Monday 30 July 2012

US, Germany attempt to blot out Arab Spring, through weapons deals - reports


While attacking Russia for selling arms to Syria: America, Germany purportedly continue to support what may be termed non-democratic systems in and with Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait... claimedly to ensure security over human rights! These weapons are widely reported as being used in the middle east, by armies and security forces, called upon to quash rebellions. Interesting take from Vatican aligned, Pope connected AsiaNews.

German plans to sell tanks to Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, may be noticeable. Even more so, given Al Jazeera, is funded by the Qatari government. American aid of Kuwait, through weapons systems, also aid to affect the balance of power in the Middle East. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, are thought by many to require decades of work, to recover their pre-revolution state of economics and power. America has wholeheartedly supported all of these regime changes. Qatar (home of Al Jazeera), Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, however, have seldom made headlines, despite their very firm quashing of dissent.

America and Germany, see arming these nations, purportedly as a way to help stability in the near east. These weapons, according to media reports, are going to armies, which have been used, to quash rebellions.Especially in the case of Saudi Arabia.
GERMANY - UNITED STATES - MIDE Berlin and Washington to sell weapons to Mideast nations to boost Mideast stability - Asia News »
The German government confirms talks are underway to sell tanks to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The US plans to strengthen Kuwait defence with missile and radar systems. Some experts warn this might harm h...

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