Thursday, 5 July 2012

Microsoft massive write-off unimportant; Microsoft's smart home OS; Android botnet discovered!


aQuantive = Ironic name... Microsoft Write-off!

Breakingviews: $6.2 bln Microsoft blooper has silver lining

Web Woes Hit Microsoft »
Microsoft said it would record a $6.2 billion goodwill write-down in its online services division, largely related to the 2007 purchase of aQuantive.

Microsoft's Home network Operating System?

Microsoft HomeMaestro

Home OS

Microsoft engineer discovers Android spam botnet | ZDNet »
Summary: A Microsoft engineer has discovered and identified an Android botnet that is sending out spam on an industrial and international scale. Please only install Android apps that you trust.

Would rebranding Windows 8 be the answer to taking Microsoft from useful, to cult-like Apple devotion?

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