Thursday, 12 July 2012

RIM Get's it! Interesting Interview with Heins! The Future of Blackberry is in Mobile computing!


RIM Get's it! Interesting Interview with Heins!

What are you transitioning from and to?

Heins explained that the whole industry is transitioning from “a world of mobile communication, a world of social networking, a world of wireless” to a “a new domain of mobile computing.” the capabilities on most mobile platforms is now, thanks to dual core processors, high-resolutions screens and powerful graphics, comparable to what you’ll find in most desktops and laptops. The only difference, explained Heins, “is that we run off a little battery instead of a plug.”

With BlackBerry 10, it’s not just about the smartphone and tablet market, “we want to be a driver in the mobile computing space,” said Heins.

Does this mean RIM is ready to build laptops?

“Laptops is probably not something I would invest in these days. I believe enterprises and consumers will really look for mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. …With BlackBerry 10, we really can mobilize the enterprisers, the consumers, the achievers. I think you will see a real mobilization of consumers and enterprise to just running with smartphone and tablets and getting services off the cloud.”

Mashable | 'RIM Can Be Successful, Says CEO' by Lance Ulanoff at July 11, 2012 USA Time
RIM Can Be Successful, Says CEO »
Mashable talks with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins about BlackBerry 10, the company's goings-on and Higgs boson.

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