Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey: Life Imitates Art, man lands in dock for assaulting Fifty Shades Fan: his girlfriend!


I love the last sentence, so ironic... that the book she loved, was nothing like the reality of abuse! When an ex girlfriend read that novel, I was upset, but I certainly wouldn't do that lol!

They marketed this book as 'porn for mommies'! But from what I hear from the grape vine, it's badly written, but if you want to just read it for the sex, it may be 'gripping'. 

So, I'd say the boyfriend's objection is right: it is pornography... many feminists object that the book pushes back feminism 50 years. It does glorify violence, a bit more than just a tad... to use British understatement...

Something the Gent seems, slightly to be lacking;)!~ British Understatement... that is:

"@IOL: Man in dock over Fifty Shades attack " lol! 'True meaning of saucy'? Hilarious read! The article that is!
Man in dock over Fifty Shades attack - Back Page | IOL News | »
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