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Mike Elgan Responds to our criticism... by a bare denial! #BoycottApple


Our criticism:

What Apple thinks of #BoycottApple  ;)!~ ... the IPhone kinda reminds me of+Mike Elgan 's post ;)!~ You know, attacking anyone boycotting Apple! ;0!~

Psycho Siri
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of (Note: he calls the movement dumb: that refers to people!) : 

Why the ‘Boycott Apple’ movement is dumb.

The #BoycottApple hashtag was trending hard on Google+ last week. The call to boycott is based on Apple’s attempts to ban both the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and the Galaxy 10.1 tablet.

Here’s why the call for a boycott is misguided and futile:


Got a reply from Mike Elgan Yesterday:

Mike ElganYesterday 18:28
+Marc Aupiais I didn't attack anyone boycotting Apple. I attacked the boycott itself, and laid out very specific reasons why the boycott is misguided and futile. 

We tried to get a reply out of him:

But that's just it, for us who are publicizing Apple's culture... it isn't futile or dumb, or stupid... words, which for many of your readers, translated onto them.

If you don't mind reading...

+Mike Elgan actually, I've seen it as quite successful in many ways... whether in preventing future sales, or in boosting competitive spirit. Compared with the other rebuttals, the one you posted against yourself was the least compelling I have seen. An atmosphere change was prompted by the trend, and Apple, I think: will suffer.

as seen here:


Many of the posters are also highlighting other Apple abuse, I certainly did: https://plus.google.com/115133333057328743179/posts/izixDjmD9dG

To call something futile, and stupid, is to call those doing so equally that. I would hope you read enough on it beforehand.

In any case, as I am sure you've seen, I have circled you on plus, I do read you, but in this case, I and many others felt very disappointed in your post, you need only read the comments on cult of mac, to see some actually uncircled you. Not, because they are Apple 'haters' /critics, but because they are highlighting a clearly anti-competitive behaviour, akin to patent trolling. 

And you chose to humiliate them. Many actually bought Apple or may in future, and some will see the trend, and wonder... it certainly is bad publicity, itself to have an effect.

The purpose of #BoycottApple  is publicity... not just of hypocrisy, but of their general turn to bad behaviour. Also, it is showing that competitors with better products, ought to be given room to compete. IT ought not be about a cult of personality, or sales pushing, but quality products.

Thanks for the reply. I hope you will reply to this also.



and tried again:

+Mike Elgan here's my early post on the trend... and it notes my experience of it also... 


and tried again:

+Mike Elgan most people listed multiple reasons... for why a boycott.

 But Mike Elgan stuck to his guns...

Should he have replied to us? After all, he replied to a post and reposted it, when really it was just more pro-Apple stuff:

+Jonas M Luster writes a nice rebuttal of my 'Boycott Apple' piece.

Interestingly, he says on the Andromancer blog that the movement is not about patents, but hypocrisy. 

Do you agree with that? 


But really, that wasn't a rebuttal at all... what is your view?

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