Thursday 5 July 2012

Showbiz: Katie Holmes Divorce


“I think Tom and Katie -- along with Rupert Murdoch’s tweet -- is what is going to open the floodgates,” says Rinder. “Murdoch basically telling all his own reporters that it’s open season on Scientology. It means Rupert isn’t scared of them and their reputation for litigiousness. That’s not good news for Scientology.” - 10:44 AM PDT 7/4/2012 by Dana Kennedy Hollywood Reporter 'Katie Holmes 'Biggest Nightmare' in Scientology History, Say Experts'

Hopefully she returns to Roman Catholicism, which she once held as her religion, and reportedly wanted to raise suri in.

Religion is important. Real religion. Be it Catholic or another mainstream world religion. I hope she finds solace in something.

In the eyes of the Catholic Church, she was never married to Tom cruise, due to her marrying in a Scientology ceremony, to my knowledge... so that won't stand in her way... and if she signed a letter renouncing Catholicism, which most don't, there's still Tom's two previous marriages, so still, not married in the eyes of the Church.
Katie Holmes 'Biggest Nightmare' in Scientology History, Say Experts »
In filing for divorce from Tom Cruise -- and apparently blindsiding him -- amid indications she doesn’t want her daughter raised a Scientologist and is seeking sole custody, Katie Holmes has made it c...

Katie Holmes -- Getting PEANUTS From Prenup in Tom Cruise Divorce »
Katie Holmes will be getting virtually nothing from Tom Cruise by way of $$$$ because their prenup cuts her out of his fortune ... and sources connected…

The result of Rupert Murdoch declaring war on the Church of Scientology.

NewsCorp... including Fox, have lead a charge, to help Katie Holmes, and Scientology will seemingly find it very difficult, to destroy Katie Holmes publicly... given these sorts of articles!
Former Scientologist says Katie Holmes' answers during church QA sessions will be used against her »
Katie Holmes isn’t just parting ways with A-list husband Tom Cruise, she is also divorcing the Church of Scientology.

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