Saturday, 7 July 2012

The future of the Tablet- is in mini-tablets: Mike Elgan argues!


I Love my small Blackberry Playbook! But I am considering a netbook / notebook / laptop sized Microsoft Tablet when 8 comes out!

Speaking of which, I even carry Kindle on Safaris into the African wilderness... I agree with Mike... but I also think Windows is onto something... I think my next laptop may be a Windows 8 Tablet!
Mike Elgan originally shared this post:
Why small tablets will dominate the tablet market.

Most tablets in use today are iPad sized. (That's because they areiPads.)

This reality has led pundits to believe that iPad size is the right size for a touch tablet. But I've come to believe that in just two years, iPad-sized tablets will represent a small minority of the market.

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