Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Day Nicolas Sarkozy knew would appear... investigation into fraud!


So much cooler than their current president... of course, his Excellency, Jacob Zuma... the Puma is even cooler than Mr Nicolas (Cozy) Sarkozy...

Mind you... investigations into a competitor, will the Flying Dutchman, Hollande, in charge of the franks, win a spot on the cool list...  or are all socialists, like Greece, Spain, and Attila the Hun... implicitly cool? In which case, he's already there... and vying for the top spot, with I fly my hairdresser in at my pleasure Barackicus Obamamaaaaa! (Who hopefully will be voted out in November, and thus have to pay to fly his hairdresser around on his own money!)
Nicolas Sarkozy predicted police would come looking for him - Telegraph »
Nicolas Sarkozy predicted that French police would come looking for him shortly before his marital home and office were raided, it has been claimed.

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