Wednesday 11 July 2012

Mitt Romney made a smart strategy move, being booed by the NAACP!


Mitt Romney made a smart move, being booed by the NAACP! Their standing ovation at the end, shows how he will likely also come off to independents: as someone sticking by his guns!

No more always changing Romney... he's found his drive! Something Obama hasn't!

And one must remember, these voters are not the most open minded, he certainly had next to no chance at converting them from a strange fanaticism, which the African American community has for the Strange Charisma of Obama, despite things getting worse under his care.

'But how important will this be for Romney? For the black vote, it isn’t very important; he is not likely to earn much of their support. But this speech set a precedent for Romney – he is not about to change his mind about this economy and he will not cater to those who hold different views just for the sake of getting their votes. The tenacity he showed will likely appeal to independent voters undecided about which candidate to support. Many independents want to see a leader – not a talking head.


The NAACP ended up giving Romney a standing ovation at the end of his speech. A standing ovation may not equate to votes, but it shows that people are responsive to strong leadership qualities.'

Independent Journal | 'Why Romney’s NAACP Speech Was One of the Smartest Political Moves of Our Time' by BERT ATKINSON JR. at JULY 11, 2012 1:42 PM USA

Mitt Romney Speech... a different perspective!

'Romney's comments on education -- specifically his often-told story of protecting charter schools in Massachusetts with the help of the black caucus in the Massachusetts legislature -- appeared to be the most popular element of his speech today, here in the home city of the successful KIPP charter school system.

"We need Obamacare," said Liz Cotton, a grandmother from Virginia, when asked what she thought of Romney's speech, adding:"I agree with him on Charter schools. I think charter schools are really good."

Campaign officials said they were pleased with the reception Romney received overall, noting many of his positions -- including pushing back against China on trade issues -- earned notable applause. Several political analysts also noted today that Romney's audience today was broader than just those in the room if he could appeal to moderates and independents just by showing up at the convention. (As the Republican nominee in 2008 John McCain also spoke to the group, as did then-Senator Obama, who begged off this year citing scheduling conflicts)
*But on the economic argument that he could be a better president for people of all colors in America -- the core of Romney's campaign message -- Romney appeared to make little headway with this audience.
"I wouldn't say there was nothing to his argument," said Goings, offering faint praise, and adding that he would "certainly" be voting for Obama again this year.*

Romney was interrupted with boos twice more for criticizing the president in the course of a twenty five minute address to an audience that was likely theleast-supportive one he has spoken to all campaign season. He earned only smatterings of applause for his policy positions, but ultimately receiving a brief, cordial standing ovation from the several hundred attendees as he wrapped up his remarks.'

MSNBC | 'NAACP attendees credit Romney for showing up, despite boos'
by Garrett Haake at 8 minutes ago
NAACP attendees credit Romney for showing up, despite boos »
HOUSTON -- Mitt Romney likely didn't win any votes at the national NAACP convention on Wednesday, but the African American atendees gave the presumptive GOP nominee credit nonetheless for trying. Th...

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