Monday, 16 July 2012

Lols... wrote this in 2009... trying to work out to whom;)!~ was a private poem!


I never sent it to whomever, if anyone:

Marc Aupiais:

Would I die for you, give my life for you,
Would I cry for you, yet stand there right by you?
Would I starve for you, certainly … yes!

Would I ever love another more,
Or put a friend before you dear,
Would I ever neglect, ever forget,

Would I fail due to sickness, due to health, due to birth… I pray never… not me!

Would I deny life, the God of this world, would I betray Christ for you,
Yet, this is answered, I’ll never need to, for it is Christ whose life you live on,
And should I betray him, I betray you!

Yet best of all, I ask you love me, you who are always game, always there, even in the night,
You now care, you always care, all and more you’d do for me, of what I would do for you too,
And should I cry, it’s you I crave, should I die, it’s all for you, my life, my future wife,

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