Sunday 29 July 2012

Israel plans to invade Syria?


Israel plans to invade Syria?

An American Fox News piece, as seen below is certainly an interesting, though inaccurate read. It does seem like it is telling half the story, but in a sense it is. The Vatican and non-American media have for a while reported claims from Vatican sources on the ground, and other sources that certain of the rebel fighters are in fact Al Qaeda members and other supremacists, these the Vatican has alleged have been committing a genocide against local Christians. The Vatican also alleges complicity of the rebels in this, and that the rebels have taken civilians hostage as human shields, and violated International Humanitarian and International Criminal Law, via its missionary news service Agenzia Fides, under the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

While Syria, Fox news alleges, claims they have chemical weapons (the sort of weapons of Mass Destruction Iraq didn't have), these have never been a concern to the region. If the claim was not a mere boast to prevent invasions or similar activities given Syria has not been using these weapons, there is still another angle. Syria, like Saddam Hussein's Iraq at the time it was invaded, and Hosni Mubarak's Egypt: has largely been a Western ally against Al Qaeda, and a force of moderate Islam, and an ally to American interests and had no real benefit in recent years of any sort of prolonged conflict. The fear the Israelis claim to have is that either the rebels, and their allies get hold of the weapons they fear to be in Syria, or else: the purported fear that Syria decides to take revenge against the West for the indirect war fought against them, by giving anti-Israeli groups these purported weapons. Furthermore, the mere presence of these, is not a justification in International Law for any breaching of the territorial sovereignty of Syria, in accordance with the International laws since the days of the Holy Roman Empire, present even Today in the UN Charter.

The instability hitting the region, through the civil war in Syria, certainly is not good for global security. Al Qaeda flourishes where poverty and instability flourish, as does its supremacist form against the prevalent global generally peaceful and modern Islam. For the first time, purported Al Qaeda murders of Ethiopian Christians have been claimed to be happening as far south as South Africa, by an unnamed source of South African media. Police, according to the South African media claims, had put the killings, seemingly paid for, professional assassinations of the Ethiopians down to local xenophobic tensions, given the reported low price of professional killing services in the regions affected. The murders were only noted, when a pattern of similar facts allegedly emerged. The poorest in South Africa, have alleged that government sponsored houses are given to foreigners corruptly, rather than to South Africans. Highly educated refugees and immigrants, also compete with uneducated poor South Africans. South African media alleged that it was possible, Al Qaeda was hiding among Somali refugees, who had legitimately entered the country to flee conflict.

Fox News | 'As Assad teeters, Israel prepares for battle to secure chemical weapons' by Paul Alster  at Published July 28, 2012

As Assad teeters, Israel prepares for battle to secure chemical weapons »
As Syria's regime teeters on the brink of collapse, Israeli soldiers are preparing for possible military action to make sure Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons don't fall into the hands of terrorist g...

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