Wednesday 11 July 2012

Businesses angry over smoking ban... But in Britain such a ban saw no statistical loss of business! (South Africa News)!


Artwork: Where there's Smoke There's Fire- By Marc Evan Aupiais!
Businesses angry over smoking ban... But in Britain such a ban saw no statistical loss of business! (South Africa News)!

Similar to rules, which had no clear negative effect on patronage in the U.K. (Even though smokers claim there is)

BBC | 'Smoking ban's impact five years on' by Philippa Roxby at 30 June 2012 Last updated at 23:02 GMT

'A review of the evidence on the impact of the law in England, was commissioned by the government and carried out by Prof Linda Bauld from the University of Stirling and the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies.

Prof Bauld's report concluded: "The law has had a significant impact."

"Results show benefits for health, changes in attitudes and behaviour and no clear adverse impact on the hospitality industry."'

'The new rules would prohibit people from smoking in any public place, including restaurants bars and shebeens.

It also prevents them from smoking within 10 metres of a window to a public place.'

Business Report | 'Smoking rules have business fuming' by SAPA at July 11 2012 at 01:29pm SAST

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