Sunday 18 July 2010

I’m just…. [a story of truth, honesty and true embarrassment]

(Chastity South Africa)

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Article by Marianna Irene Kalabakas

Have you ever found yourself in a position, where you pretend to be something, your not? Where you lie to the one you love because you just don’t think you are good enough for them? What about the times you do something that is morally wrong, yet you do it for all the wrong reasons, just to get their attention?

Sometimes you find yourself in a position you’ve never been before. You need advice. Your friend seems to just know a bit about the situation you in, or might of the opposite sex, someone that might have some sort of insight as to what to do when it comes to them. But what if, you end up doing what they tell you to do in that situation? What if you do it and in the end you feel so guilty that you want to crawl in a hole and disappear never to be seen by that person again. Don’t get me wrong, getting your friends advice is absolutely fine, but following it to the letter…perhaps not such a great idea.

If you think about it, lets say you really like someone. You don’t know what to send in the message to them, you think your friend who does have a stable relationship might know what you should do. So you send the message they advise, and you realize that you just made a fool of yourself. It might even work and you end up living a lie with the individual thinking that you had the courage to say such a thing. But what if it has the opposite effect? What if that silly little message that was meant to help the situation made things so much worse that you doubt you would be able to fix the situation and that, that half a chance you had just got ruined? What if you seem so desperate that they just want to get rid of you that they scold you? In all the above situations you can say that you just did not follow your intuition, that you just rushed things and didn’t let fate sort it out. Sometimes after that situation and your feelings so strong, you can do nothing else but wish upon a star and anything else that just might change things.

What about the times you lie to the one you love cause you think they wont accept you for you? You know deep down they will find out but you do it anyway, just so they can look at you, then you really loose your chance, then the possibility of actually sorting things out is very unlikely.

What about the times you do something your friend does, like make out with someone you shouldn’t just to make your ex jealous? You end up getting a bad name. As for that friend, its best to stay away from them your reputation goes down the drain with theirs. You end up being pulled into because they making out with someone they don’t even know.

Basically, love and life is like your very own book. You write what has already happened, the rest of it you finish off yourself. If your friends try help and solve it, the story…just wont end up how you want it to. Take your friends advice just make sure it doesn’t contradict your own ideas, cause it might complicate things. No matter what be yourself, and if your ideas don’t work, you might find someone that they will work on. Every chance you get at love is a learning experience so as to not make the same mistake again, provided you open yourself to love and be loved.

About the author (by Marc Aupiais ):

Marianna Irene Kalabakas, is Greek Orthodox by faith, a non-Catholic religion which maintains the apostolic line, and a supporter of the African National Congress's leader Jacob Zuma, in contrast to our editor's support of the Southern Hemisphere liberal, Northern Hemisphere conservative Democratic Alliance (DA). She is currently studying a bachelor of laws at the University of the Witwatersrand. She writes from life experience and from theory, and her views may be looked at, at her blog:

Editor's note: I personally find her views interesting and intriguing and well written in a fun way to read, even if I sometimes disagree deeply with her point of view on matters, we both understand the importance of academic freedom, at least as far as having differing views from one another goes. I also find that our religions' similarities and difference often are what shifts our views on life and politics, I read almost everything Marianna writes. Even if as a Catholic I must oppose the ANC and some other things she has shown support for. She is a very capable student of life.

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