Wednesday 28 July 2010

An interesting article by Gerald Warner of the Telegraph

Note by Marc Aupiais

It has been noted by C.S. Lewis that a Liberal in South Africa is a conservative in Great Britain, this still remains true, as Labour more closely mixes with the ANC, than Liberal DA, which could likely run under a conservative banner in Great Britain, or for that matter the United States of America. In Australia, a similar situation is existent, Abbot's Liberals, stand conservative against the Labour government in Australia. A liberal in South America, stands conservative also, as with a Democrat, in stark contrast to the socialistic tendencies of America's Democrats.

I don't necessarily agree with Gerald Warner, or consider Damien Thompson anything near a papist, but the article is interesting precisely because it correctly notes, the huge danger of the one size fits all approach to politics, and the difference between conservatives and traditionalists. But by his definition, every minority party must be liberal., in that they aim to change the status quo, or in the least: traditionalists of one or other grouping.

I certainly could debate quite heatedly with all partakers in such an article including Gerald Warner, but I will leave that to my readers.

P.s. Vatican II was no Catastrophe, but a brilliant work of Orthodoxy, the catastrophe was pastoral and at a later date. If anything Benedict XVI is restoring Vatican II, something he helped to engineer.

In South Africa, conservative has more meaning, as the truly liberal or leftest, are also the most Traditional: or are perceived as that, given the ANC's Africanist, Nationalist tendencies!

in reference to: Scrap the meaningless terms Left and Right and reclaim the honourable title 'reactionary' – Telegraph Blogs (view on Google Sidewiki)

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