Thursday 15 July 2010

I think the Terre'Blanche killer will be let off

Quick note by Marc Aupiais

As a personal and not a legal opinion I think the Terre'Blanche killer, Chris Mahlangu, will get off. The Magistrate reportedly is letting him get bail based on merit of his provocation argument. Yet the Eadie (hocky stick road rage) case precedent by a higher court clearly states that provocation is no defence any longer in South African law- and must be dealt with under sane automatism- with medical evidence. That this case has been ignored despite the fact magistrates have to follow the precedent of higher courts, I would say I expect the alleged "murderer" or Eugene Terre'Blanche will be let off. Mahlangu admits to the killing, but claims it was a pre-emptive strike- out of fear of Terre'Blanche.

So far right wing extremists, the AWB (Afrikaaner Resistence Movement) have not violently avenged the death, but as the Johannesburg Star states, they are furious- saying "he is no longer a suspect" but a "murderer".

Thousands of whites (Caucasians) have been killed on farms, since the government created a controversial land reform program with some similarities to the catastrophic programme in Zimbabwe, where farms, like in South Africa were given by the government to blacks not educated adequately or resourced adequately in farming techniques and management.

Under BEE, white South Africans are severely discriminated against, including white orphans or disabled, as companies are encouraged to rather give jobs, or charity to blacks over whites by law, and government processes and policy.

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