Sunday 18 July 2010

A New terror movement gains graduation in Northern Ireland Riots

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sinn Fein cannot control dissidents, who have increasingly been carrying out bombing attacks, and are beginning to overcome technical aspects

'Sinn Fein are yesterday's men' - Telegraph: "'Intelligence chiefs have warned ministers that splinter groups like the Real and Continuity IRA are on the verge of a wave of killings. We believe a new generation of republican fanatics are planning a campaign. The hardcore are in their twenties and they are building bombs from designs pioneered by the PIRA. Recent bombings, like the bridge at Cullyhanna, show they are overcoming their technical problems with detonators. Our big fear is an attempt to emulate the 1984 Brighton bomb attack. And those preparing for the Conservative conference in Birmingham in October have factored the threat into their security preparations.'"

Protestant celebrations of the defeat of a Catholic king, turn ugly

Northern Ireland dissident bombings, have broken into petrol or other flammables bomb, brick and stone ... hurling rioting, where rioters have used YouTube and mobile/cellular phones in hope of mimicry and support. Almost 100 police officers have been injured.

Dissident IRA splinter groups gain momentum, as first time terrorists are recruited on the spot, while girls allegedly dressed to the 9's for the occasion, encourage every violent act, as though a bizarre flirtation, a price to pay with immodesty for their violent cause. In the eyes of those in Northern Ireland, these riots, where the youths ignore their parents, and are pushed forward, into the chasm, and swirled down beyond boundaries: may be the equivalent of South Africa's June 16, where activists similarly used Youth and peer pressure to build up a movement.

Propaganda and Social Networking, help build on discontent by each malcontent | This problem is more than Northern Ireland

Youths, who like the (surprisingly largely pro-nuclear) Iranian Green movement are using technology, especially YouTube, create pseudo-hero videos of their exploits, in a sort of propaganda. Powerful Laser lights were used to blind police by protesters, sometimes as young as eight years old (Daily Mail 14 / 07 | July / 2010).

How will the more liberal than Yesteryear Tories, and their LibDem partners deal with this, after all, while Northern Ireland has its own parliament, this is up to them? Especially as the former political partner of the cause of the IRA, is no longer such a legitimate force to control the violence, as it did in Yesteryear. And the rioting is only to spread, as with the bombings, given that Sinn Fein and the IRA have no control over the riots!

Verbal attacks from Britain against the pope by Britain's leaders, and press and state officials, mocking Catholic identity probably have not helped the peace efforts either. His visit to Great Britain may well accompany more fuel for the fire, which was also hurt by British comments on Irish sex abuse, seen internally in southern Ireland as an Irish problem. This may be so, even if the Church has always condemned the terrorist attacks of those fighting to be free of Britain in Northern Ireland, where a Catholic culture remains, even if its moral standing in some quarters may be a bit fuzzy.

What had been a number of small attacks by a new, terrible splinter actions alliance of a Real and Continuity Irish Republican Army, without the same efforts to reduce deaths that the IRA had taken in the past: has now turned into a new fully fledged movement. The likely causes cited by the Telegraph are a despair over the direction of their cause, belief that their parents compromised for weakness, and stifling poverty only spurred on by the terrible recent depression. A depression which one may say was: if not in the markets, in their psychology, and their stomachs, and certainly stirred their alleged bigotry or at least their political beliefs or sentiments.

In South Africa, where the poor have begun to feel betrayed by their own parents, and the struggle partners including the ruling ANC, similar scapegoat violence has also begun, largely with foreigners and random persons as the targets, certainly not the ANC, though senior members have been treated much as Sinn Fein leaders, by protesters/rioters. Likewise, a youth which feels left out of hope, has terribly seen hope in the flames of scapegoating the forces of order, perhaps a deathly reminder that peace is not an achievement but a journey.

The Catholic church condemned fully the IRA during its fight for Irish independence in Northern Ireland against Great Britain. A Catholic priest, says the Telegraph, called this "recreational rioting", as though it were some entertainment for bored youths- in order it seems to condemn it as pointless. South Africa's anti-apartheid movement had just as many recreational followers, as did the original IRA.

This violence, while sparked by yet another Protestant celebration, is not a new violence, but one which has been stirred by gradual bombings... and mainly two terrorist groupings. Whether by thugs, as one politician called it, as low class youth often are described as, or by other factors, the violence, condemned by the political spectrum, the violence and new violent cultures do not look to be disappearing soon, all the more if it is to become a pass-time.

Police are looking through pictures and surveillance and have warned that those who showed recognisable features, would be arrested. Likely not the societal saboteur terrorists who had planned for the previously more peaceful protests, to erupt into disorder.

Given the treatment of former IRA Sinn Fein leaders by protesters, it is unlikely that talks will prevent a recurrence of the violence. The Real and Continuity IRA do not it seems have a political voice, and it is uncertain as yet should they seek to gain one. Certainly not if their violence continues to manipulate, and grow: by fear, and social media.

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