Monday 19 July 2010

Clarification on condoms

Quick note by Marc Aupiais

The Catholic Church teaches masturbation and artificial contraception are always intrinsically evil, as demonstrated in the case of Onan, as we know- his other crimes did not deserve death. We hold to this teaching- what we were demonstrating is that the purpose of condoms educators, or their claimed purpose is better achieved by abstinence education- the heart of which is responsibility.

I affirm, it is better that one abstain or one's partner die of disease, than one's soul and their partner's soul be condemned to hell for all eternity. The use of artificial contraceptive is always a mortal sin.

Fertility awareness up to at least 98 percent effective per year via one church endorsed modern method, in any case does away with an argument for ease of raising children. As for HIV/AIDS prevention. The use of a condom or promotion of condoms, remains a mortal sin, the second more serious- as the causing of another to sin mortally is the most serious sin there is.

If anything a comparison of South African and Ugandan approaches shows that promotion of condoms does not help fight the disease. So I clarify- our service has not now, nor in the past- nor will it ever promote the use of condoms, which is the very matter of mortal sin, as their production and use is intrinsically evil, according to every overlap of the Dogma of the Divine Magisterium, and of the Bible on the very serious matter- the eternal death of a soul- should it not be spared by ignorance, lack of capacity or confession! Contraception- excepting fertility awareness- in itself denies the very substance and nature of God! There are few more serious sins!

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