Monday 26 July 2010

South African whale nightmare- in the foreign press

(World Tainted Green)

Article by Marc Aupiais

South Africa always makes it into the world news for all the wrong reasons, after we added to the numbers of our police, another threat has emerged, that of potential tourists having a whale of a time. That is to say, a whale torpedoing their boat, jumping up and landing on it. Previously its mostly been similar actions by Great White Sharks in South Africa, which have gained such attention. Video was shot off in the Ocean near the Mother City, Cape Town, apparently there was a couple on the boat, one would assume from the lack of mention of any fatalities that they survived the big whale of a surprise. Their trip certainly wasn't a white elephant. But the yacht may need repairs. South Africa is famous for whale watching, which the couple, says EuroNews no comment tv, were doing.

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