Monday 5 July 2010

Soccer Players a witness to God- a Member of Parliament, of the Republic of South Africa tells our service

(Southern African Catholic Dispatches)

Article by Marc Aupiais

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Soccer City, which Google says is at: Nasrec Road, Nasrec, Johannesburg, South Africa

Our service has no link with the Democratic Alliance, however, as the Scripturelink Voter's guide has classed them as an acceptable party for Catholics to vote for, due to their protection of conscience clause for their Members of Parliament on moral issues, we will permit this release from a specific Catholic parliamentarian, who we verify is who he is, and who we were put in touch with by one of our fellows in Catholic media in South Africa, in accordance with our relationship with them, and who we have allowed to place us on their media releases list:

[Image taken via Google Street View]

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House of Parliament, which Google Maps lists at: Plein St, Cape Town 8001, South Africa

Quotation of media release sent us:

"7 July 2010


Letter by Manny de Freitas MP

Shadow Deputy Minister for Transport

Soccer reinforces my faith and the Church

Dear Editor,

Like most South Africans, and the rest of the world, I have been following the World Cup extensively. It’s been a tournament of excitement and emotion. One feature which “hits me in the face” in almost every game during the Word Cup is the tremendous faith and prayer demonstrated on the field (I can only imagine how much more there is off the field!).

At every match players from different teams from all over the world ensure that they bless themselves on running onto the field, praying silently and even aloud whilst playing a match and giving praise to God when they score a goal. It was clear to me that in many instances a particular match was dedicated to our Lord and in some instances to particular saints such as in the case of a Brazilian player who wore shin guards with the names of Saints Teresa and Rita engraved on them.

Indeed, dare I say that the World Cup may be a spiritual experience for many of us as we travel the month long journey of the World Cup! This is what it’s all about – making our faith and our Lord the centre of all we do. Even soccer at matches!

There is no doubt in my mind that the World Cup has once again shown to the world, and non-believers in particular, that for most of the people on this planet Lord is the centre of our lives and that it is to Him that we seek for His embrace on a daily basis.

It is us, the believers that are the real Champions in His name!

Yours faithfully,


Shadow Deputy Minister for Transport

(Unsigned as sent electronically)

For further information please contact Manny de Freitas, MP on 082 788 6824"
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