Sunday 4 July 2010

HIV/AIDS takes a back seat with Obama:YouTube - Spotlight on Aids in South Africa amid World Cup

Quick note analysis/editorial by Marc Aupiais

Below, I'm going to link to an Al Jazeera video, which gives frightening stats (statistics) on HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

Why is it important? Because of the pope's statements some time ago: that the west's condom focus with HIV/AIDS was costing lives. I'm not going to go into the statistics that seemingly show a correlation between an increase in condoms and an increase of HIV/AIDS in the African frontier, you can research them independently, nor shall I go into the Ugandan situation, where those age groups where condoms are used as a prevention are those older groups where HIV continues to increase most. Nor shall I focus on quotations by condom supporters, that actually say that the effectiveness of condoms against HIV/AIDS is actually not statistically known.

Instead, I note: under that mad man, George w. Bush, anti-retrovirals and other things took a focus in Africa, and lives were saved, but under Obama, HIV/AIDS is not a major concern. More than that condom advertising, even if it were moral which it isn't, is done in such a manner that they are almost certain to be used incorrectly, and the study by Lancet showing that people educated on use are less likely to use, further agitates the problem. If the west is to do a favour it is through anti-retrovirals.

YouTube - Spotlight on Aids in South Africa amid World Cup

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