Thursday 6 March 2014

David Cameron has lost the Tories a billionaire backer: for pushing homosexual 'marriage'.

The UKIP, might hide its dislike for homosexual activities,with a blush and 'clarification' here and there. The Tories have had a similar problem hiding their Christian members, who might have supported the existing homosexual civil unions, but opposed gay 'marriage'. Gay 'marriage' has of course lead all of Britain's Catholic adoption agencies (focussing on the most vulnerable hard case children), to have to shut down or give up their identity. The Tories had always been seen as a bit of an ally to religion. Their opposition to Catholics (the largest religious group in Britain), has backfired, according to sources of the Daily Mail.

LifeSiteNews puts it thus:

'One of the UK Conservative Party’s biggest donors is reportedly pulling his funding after the party created “gay marriage” last year. The billionaire banker, philanthropist and arts patron Michael Hintze is “fed up” with the liberal leanings of the current Tory leadership, reports the Daily Mail.

'Hintze, a Catholic who has helped the Vatican restore valuable art works by Michelangelo, has donated at least £1.2 million to the Conservative Party and given loans of at least £2.5 million more since 2005, according to estimates by the Daily Mail. The paper reports that Hintze is calling in the loans and has thrown his support into UKIP, “just as the party needs a fortune to pay for next year’s General Election.” The report did not specify that Hintze would be switching his financial attention to another party.

'In November, several other large Tory donors pulled their support of the party and defected to UKIP, which has a policy endorsing same-sex civil unions. The Daily Telegraph reported that among these was Stuart Wheeler, who had donated around £4 million to Cameron’s party. Wheeler is now the treasurer for UKIP and has thus far donated about £300,000 to his new party.

'In April the Christian Institute reported that several members of an elite Conservative group of donors who had donated £50,000 a year to the party had also defected to UKIP. Among these was the entrepreneur Adrian Buckley who said he was also disillusioned, adding that Cameron’s “obsession with gay politics is a nonsense.” Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, at that time confirmed that “five or six” former members of this group are now contributing to UKIP.'

(LifeSiteNews | 'Report: UK Conservative Party loses billionaire donor over ‘gay marriage’ push' by Hilary White at 5th March 2014 12:16 EST)

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