Tuesday 4 March 2014

She offered him 1 000 $ and a 'f*ck', to kill her lawyer Fiancé

Jessica Strom is a 33 year old woman. She is possibly heading for a more than a mild breakup, after she offered a former classmate of her's, an aircraft aviator: ONE THOUSAND US DOLLARS, and sex 'and whatever', to assassinate her lawyer fiancé on her behalf. Jessica said her fiancé, John Schellpfeffer, did 'bad things' to her and others, and that she would kill him herself, but that she would be an obvious suspect. When asked why she wouldn't just leave the lawyer, she said there could be too little satisfaction in that. She wanted him gunned down.

Jessica is a mother of 3.

'Though the pilot had declined the hit solicitation, Strom asked him to think about it overnight. But, she warned, “Don’t tell anyone about this. I don’t want to have to kill you too.” The man subsequently contacted cops and agreed to record a meeting with Strom.

'As first reported by the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, Strom assured the man that the murder would be “easy,” noting that, “I would do it, but I can’t, I’d be the first one they’d come after.”

'Though he had initially asked for $50,000 to kill Schellpfeffer, the informant told Strom that he would settle for $1000, adding “It’s better than nothing, I guess.” Strom replied, “And some sex!” At some point after the killing, Strom told the informant that she would meet up with him and “pay you and fuck you and whatever.”

'Before separating, Strom told the pilot, “If you chicken out let me know, okay?” She added, “Because otherwise I’ll set it up with someone else.”

'Strom’s home was raided by police Thursday night and she was arrested for conspiracy to commit first degree murder, which carries a maximum 60-year prison term.'

(The Smoking Gun | 'Woman Offered Sex, $1000 For Fiancé's Murder' by staff at MARCH 3, 2014)

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