Saturday 29 March 2014

Controversial song mocking South African President goes viral: Nkandla Style Psy Gangnum Style parody. #JacobZuma

This video is terrible, controversial, and terribly funny whether appropriate or highly distasteful. That seems to be the verdict of the Internet, where it has already passed 159 717 views in two days, besides being covered by local media additionally.

This is what it is based upon:

The Nkandla Style video portrays the South African President as though he were the persona Psy portrays: a powerful man who wants and gets what he desires. It mock's Zuma's comments at his rape trial that showering prevents HIV Aids, his friend Shaik escaping jail due to being allegedly on his death bed, his luxury fire pool, his many wives and girlfriends (he likes businesswomen), Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters (portraying Julius controversially as a defecating dog), and noting the Public Protector's clashes with Jacob Zuma's African National Congress. It also mocks Zuma's statements that black people should not own dogs. Polls suggest the African National Congress comfortably in the lead for this year's national elections, although with their lowest support since prior 1994. The African National Congress, are Africa's oldest political party. President Jacob Zuma is an exceptionally popular president in some areas, and very unpopular in others.

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