Sunday 2 March 2014

More than half a million Ukrainians flee the country... for Russia.

675 000 people have fled Ukraine, mostly from the East and South, seeking refugee status in Russia.

This is according to Russian authorities, and encompasses refugee movement from Ukraine in January and February.

Russian authorities cited fears of lynchings and guerilla vigil ante movements. Russian leaning territories have requested Russian assistance in insuring peace and security. Violent riots in Ukraine, orchestrated largely by an opposition figure then behind bars, started when the country backed out of a trade deal with Europe, for more lucrative options in Russia.

Ukraine's 'Parliament', acting with power not yet given back to it by the president in exile, purported to remove the president from office, declared him a criminal, and has banned the use of minority languages.

Russian leaning Ukrainians have been vocal, supporting the nation of the grand bear:

Mobs still control the streets in much of Western leaning parts of Ukraine, which reportedly are also the poorer parts of the country. Even without an East-West confrontation, Ukraine is in dire straights.

If the Russian move is genuine, they will follow their movements in Georgia, where troops were mobilised to stop ethnic cleansing of minorities by an EU allied government. Russia claims her troops are there merely to protect minorities. The many refugees fleeing the Ukrainian chaos, suggest that Russia has made her moves to prevent further catastrophe.If however, Russia were to enter territories not occupied by minorities, the R2P type of argument for intervening in the failed state of Ukraine, is less potent.

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RT | '675,000 Ukrainians pour into Russia as ‘humanitarian crisis’ looms' at March 02, 2014 13:18

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