Saturday 1 March 2014

Oscar Pistorius makes sure to highlight PDA with Reeva Steenkamp, just 10 days before he slaughtered her.

Oscar Pistorius was certain to give a tip of one hundred Rand (8 Pounds) to staff at a Woolworths grocery store. Giving any tip at a grocery store is by norm something strange. The tip the soon to be killer left, made the staff certain to remember the event. Close Circuit Television footage was now taken from the store's security circuit. In the footage the lovers show public displays of affection, demonstrating a physical sexual relationship. Reeva Steenkamp had had intimate pictures taken for an unnamed lover as a Valentine's day gift. The gift was unopened at the Pistorius house on the night he shot her down. Oscar has claimed that he thought it might be a robber in the bathroom, when he shot four times through the door.

On the night of the shooting, Oscar is said to have been watching pornography. His Valentine's gift of saucy pictures of his girlfriend was unopened. Instead, the man who showed such public affection and intimacy 10 days prior, seems to claim he did not check if Reeva was next to him, but took a gun and shot at some noise behind a locked bathroom door, without much regard as to who might be behind the door. The effort Oscar made, breaking convention and societal practice and giving Woolworths staff on that specific day, such a large sum of money, could also suggest something much darker. Some might suggest it shows premeditation, at least if Oscar did not commonly give such sums of money out to grocery store employees.

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