Thursday 20 March 2014

Shocking Video (Graphic Contents) of Brazilian police dragging a wounded woman behind their vehicle

Brazilian security forces drag a woman behind their vehicle for a good distance, before getting out and putting her body back in their vehicle. A cameraman driving behind the vehicle latently films the incident.

'A Brazilian woman shot and then dragged behind a cop car has led to three cops in handcuffs and the president of the country saying she is “shocked” at the horror.
'Mother-of-four Claudia Ferreira da Silva, 38, was caught in a shootout involving police Sunday morning in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, BBC News reported.
'Cops threw her in the trunk of their SUV bound for a nearby hospital. Her body fell out as the police peeled off and was dragged for more than 1,000 feet.'

(New York Daily News | 'WARNING GRAPHIC: Brazilian woman dragged behind police SUV' at TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 2014, 8:28 PM by STEPHEN REX BROWN

A translation of the description of the YouTube video is:

'It was about 9am this Sunday when a car of the 9th Battalion (Rocha Miranda) went down the Intendant Magellan Road towards Marechal Hermes in the North Zone of Rio, with an open trunk. After rolling from inside and hanging on to the bumper of the vehicle only by a piece of clothing, the body of a woman was dragged for about 250 meters, beating against the pavement as the vehicle was passing. Although warned by pedestrians and motorists, PMs have not stopped. An amateur cameraman recorded this, passing by the scene, in a video'

The video was published on their website by Globo's Extra.

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