Saturday 1 March 2014

Vladimir Putin has called upon the Russian parliament, the Duma, to send troops into Crimea

Vladimir Putin approaches the Russian parliament, asks them to send the troops into Crimea, Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin has called upon the Upper House of the Russian parliament, the Duma, to send troops into Crimea report France 24, the television wing of AFP. The move to ask permission has distinct differences from the approach in America where presidents often just go to war. It was not an unexpected move given the strategic land mass of the Crimea, in Russian safety and security considerations.

Sending in the troops likely follows the objective Russia had in Georgia, where troops were sent in to halt shocking ethnic cleansing by the nation allied with the European Union. Russians and ethnic Russians in Ukraine have asked for Russian protection, and the leader of Crimea, has asked for Russian protection of their people. The Crimea, has semi-autonomous status, and is where Russia's Black Sea Base is located. If Russia wanted to cause an economic collapse of Ukraine, it would need only refuse to allow the usurper government to buy gas on credit from the Russian petroleum network. Some Russian politicians have promised Crimea that Crimea would not be a part of such a move.

Sacns Editor Marc Aupiais, placed the spotlight on weak American arguments, which put events in Russia's favour:

Others couldn't find Ukraine to comment, and were clearly stuck in the cold war world map:

Not all are happy about the move to ask that troops be placed in Ukraine's autonomous Crimea, especially among those who support the Western objective to end Russian strategic advantage in Ukraine:

Sarah Palin has not been taken by surprise, she saw it coming from her windowsill in Alaska in 2008:

Our first source on the news was France 24:

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